Build with Adobe Premiere Elements 11, and your stash of clips can become great videos. The complete workflow from start to sharing is available with Adobe Premiere Elements, now with greater capability for instant sharing with social networks (now including Vimeo), a little redesign, and some pro-level effects for you to dip into. First and foremost what you'll notice about this video editing software is a bigger user interface, and the popular features have been brought to the top. If the upgrade from CS5.5 to CS6 is any indicator, Adobe's been paying attention to the users and the altogether brighter interface should be welcomed by many. For any that are looking for a step up, there's a separate mode dedicated to "experts" with a full audio/video timeline. There is still the ability to edit in a simpler fashion with the quick edit mode.

As for getting work done, Adobe Premiere Elements is really going to help you look professional with more control of time for slow motion, fast action, and reverse footage. Clips can be color corrected and given popular FilmLooks, for example, the pandora option should make your characters look like they're in James Cameron's Avatar.

One of the biggest assets Adobe Premiere Elements brings is the organizer that will also be included if you opted for Adobe Photoshop Elements. The photos can be filtered by face, but both video and stills can be arranged by the location of the shoot, as well as other analyzed traits. This ability alone is nearly worth the price of the $100 brand new box or download whereas the upgrade saves you 20 percent. (Now how many dollars have you saved math whiz?)

 Probably the biggest drawback to Adobe Premiere Elements is not being able to move your editing project to Adobe Premiere Pro, that upgrade can wait until you've used the pro features of Adobe Premiere Elements to earn you enough for the eight times more costly pro version. If you're not thinking along those lines that just fine, because with the solid editing you'll get done with number 11 can give you plenty to work and play with in an easy to use setting.


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