DJ7HD from Digital Juice Fills Out Your Video Production Kit

The DJ7HD from Digital Juice is the latest of many different tools for video production that they’ve come up with. There seems to be no shortage of good stuff.This monitor will be a valuable piece of studio equipment if you can budget $660 for a small video village. The DJ7HD is a portable studio monitor that is just like the name implies, 7 inches and high definition with resolutions at 1080, 576, and 480 (both interlaced and progressive) and 720p. The resolution of the screen is 1024×600 and can shift aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 at the touch of a button.

Video production will be easy with a whole studio monitor kit at 3.6lbs. and the DJ7HD has plenty more characteristics that make it fit to join the rest of your studio equipment. Take the 700:1 contrast ratio and you’ll be able to monitor easily, the brightness of 250 nit might not be outstanding, but with solid connections to your other studio equipment via the HDMI, audio, component and composite inputs and outputs. The DJ7HD’s response time of 10ms is plenty for most video production, and that speed is matched with more convenience than most studio equipment at the power cost of 7-12V and not more than 10W. Thankfully, Digital Juice is good about adding to your studio equipment with the bundles battery, case, arm, clamp and more. These will keep your studio monitor mobile, whether that means doing video production on location or in a dedicated space. Ultimately, having a studio monitor tag along with your camera is a good idea since you’ll be able to see in much better clarity your compositions and details. Letting a few special crew members look in on the video production can really help your continuity and keep everyone at ease instead of having to rely on a viewfinder that only one eye can see at once.

We’ll be planning to include the DJ7HD in our next guide to buying a studio monitor, but you’ll want to check it out for yourself well before then.

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