The T-Slate Will Make Your Production Look Professional

[image:blog_post:12789] The ikan T-Slate takes the MovieSlate for iPads and give you an extensive tool to use on your set. The T-Slate provides physical motion and a loud snap as only quality-finished wood can give. The MovieSlate app, another useful tool that has been around since April 2011 combines with the T-Slate for some very accurate data collecting. If you're into media management, and you should be if you're a video producer, the T-Slate can be your basis for pretty much all the metadata you'll need.

MovieSlate is really the source here, you'll have preset titles like B-Roll and custom fields for the likes of shot type, take number, date, location and director, but what will really bring it together is the link these have with the clap brought down by the T-Slate.Your data can automatically progress forward with each take. What's extra handy about the T-Slate is that it can function like a traditional slate if your iPad 1, 2 or 3 has run out of battery, the acrylic surface still displays dry erase marker. If you've been making great use of your tablet so much that you utilize a case from Targus or Incase, that will still fit with the T-Slate, unfortunately those nifty magnetic covers won't do so well.

How do the app and the T-Slate communicate you wonder? MovieSlate has software that detects a vibration as well as a sound, so while you can sync sound with a physical clap, there just isn't the same crispiness as with a good slate, and when it comes to finding a solid slate the T-Slate's $100 retail price isn't terrible (especially if you find a deal.) Staying organized and looking professional in this case will go together, and best of all, you have another use for the iPad. We look forward to celebrating the day when all of our daily electronic devices are directly tied to video production.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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