NAB 2012: Holographic Storage from hVault

Looking to archive your video productions, maybe your storage needs are reaching massive amounts? It may sound "sci-fi" but hVault presents holographic storage as an option for archiving your video. The company is composed of archival experts and the new venture for maintaining your content is their first holographic library system. Think optical storage, but in 3D, so your flat CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays just grew into a whole lot more space for data storage.

The available systems are single drive autoloaders and multiple drive libraries, both substitutes for your tape or disk-based options. The cost of ownership is reduced via durability, and hVault touts more than 50 years of life for your stored data. The lifespan hVault found for magnetic disk or tape is somewhere between two and five years, and that would mean lots of hours replacing, managing and discarding old archived material that you thought you'd finished worrying about. The 72TB library accesses any of its data in less than 10 seconds. You may configure for yourself a library of up to four drives and 240 holographic disks that can be multiplied nearly 10 times with additional systems.

The total archival space can house petabytes, or a few terabytes and the density of storage is greatly increased. You can probably feel your video files getting huge in the near future, so here's a step to prepare you for that -holographic storage. As for physical durability, these systems are up to snuff, holographic systems are impervious to static electricity, magnetic fields, and tampering. Then, wherever you decide to install your system, don't worry about humidity, water, dust dirt or varying temperatures.

All this is important since you can receive holographic storage systems from hVault across the globe. Though no price is readily available, we'll continue to watch storage options with anticipation of new developments, it just seems that hVault may be the first with holographic.

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Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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