Take the next Step with Advanced Lighting Tips

If you've been shooting for any length of time, you're already familiar with the basics of lighting. You've heard enough about the classic three-point lighting set-up to last a lifetime. But while good lighting is easy with a little bit of knowledge, GREAT lighting takes a lot more preparation.

Videomaker has an essential video training toolto help you achieve the best lighting for your production Advanced Lighting for Video will help you negotiate even the trickiest, most unusual lighting situations. But there are some lighting situations that you probably thought you'd never encounter. That's when you need Advanced Lighting for Video. How do you light a commercial product so that people want to buy it? How do you light the inside of a car so that your audience can see what's happening? Advanced Lighting for Video is the consummate guide to navigating the toughest, weirdest lighting dilemmas.

Setting Up a Studio What do you need when you're setting up a studio? Learn what to look for in size, electricity, and sound.

Studio Lighting Your studio lighting can look professional quality with the right lamps, fixture types and room dimensions. We'll show you how!

Product Lighting You want people to buy your product? A little lighting know-how can go a long way toward making anything from a basket of fruit to a used car look irresistible.

Lighting Car Interiors – Inside a car is one of the hardest spaces to light for video. Learn how to light it right inside a cramped space where big lamps won't fit!

Lighting Night Scenes Outdoor night scenes can be tricky because bright obvious lamps can easily ruin the illusion. We'll show you how to use a light touch so your audience won't wonder where the light is coming from.

Lighting Wide Shots Lighting a wide shot is difficult if your lamps can't reach the entire area. We'll show you how to solve this problem, so that your widest angle shots still look uniformly good. Professional-looking lighting is within your grasp when you absorb the knowledge on these DVDs. Learn how to conquer any mishap when you have Advanced Lighting for Video. It's the essential lighting tool for every videographer who's serious about taking pride in their craft.

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