The Sony Network to Take Over?

Imagine an all in one network that will beam Sony content to it’s products for it users to access at anytime, in any place. Well, according to Sony’s chief executive, Howard Stringer this may be a possibility. Thursday it was announced that Sony will be working towards building it’s Sony Online Service which will provide users content such as games, movies, music and television content beamed directly to their Walkmans, TVs and Playstations.

Stringer said, “We have a supreme advantage once we get software right, because the quality of our hardware is exceptional, I think our hardware is more durable than Apple. You don’t want something that breaks down every 10 minutes.” According to multiple experts, Sony has always had this strategy in mind but has never been quite ready to execute it properly.

Sony has been hurting to return to the top spot in the electronics realm for much of the last few years and Stringer believes this service will bring them onto the forefront yet again. Of the most notable features, one of which will let the gaming universe download music, e-books, and software applications to the already impressive landscape of content provided such as games, TV shows and movies.

The concept for a new beginning to creating a successful new venture was eliminated earlier this year when Sony dropped plans to continue on with EyeVio, a video-sharing site that would link directly to Sony gadgets. Will this new Sony Network be able to take over the landscape? Well, only time will tell.

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