The 2008 Videomaker Denver, CO Conference is coming up!

(CHICO, Calif. July 10, 2008) Video enthusiasts will refine their video production skills by attending a weekend of classes at the 2008 Videomaker Conference. The event will be held in Denver, CO from August 2nd – August 3rd, 2008. For the weekend, videographers and video enthusiasts can choose from a Video Production Workshop, Presentations on Specialty Video Topics and even a NEW Conference offering on both Saturday and Sunday that involves a full day of Hands-on Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Working with the editors and writers of Videomaker magazine, Videomaker Conferences provide you with the opportunity to meet the pros and explore all elements of video production. Whether youre a beginning-to-intermediate videographer, an advanced user looking to brush up on your skills, or just someone who wants to gain a solid understanding of the basics of video production, attending this event is a must! Videomaker Conference Weekend Details: The Basics of Video Production – This 1-Day Course takes place on Saturday August 2nd and will cover Camcorder Techniques, Choosing and Using the Right Microphone, Editing Techniques and Lighting Techniques in detail. Specialty Topics – This 1-Day Course is the other Saturday August 2nd option and will cover topics such as Wedding Videography, Creating Video for Online Sharing Sites, Tips for Shooting High Definition Formats, and Producing Videos for Schools. Hands-On Lesson, Basic Editing – This is our NEW Hands-on Course, offered both on Saturday and Sunday! This is a full day of hands-on basic editing! If youre new to video production, or just want to brush up your skills, youll benefit from this intensive lesson taught by one of Videomakers instructors. Techniques covered include editing theory, transitions, media management, audio track creation, and more. The class will follow the completion of a project from raw footage to polished final cut. Students each have their own computer running Adobe Premiere Pro. Space is limited for these Videomaker Conferences so sign up today! Register online at If you have any questions, please contact Videomaker at 1-800-A-VID-CAM. Since 1986, Videomaker Magazine has been the only national monthly publication that informs amateur, advancing and semi-professional consumers about products, techniques and trends in producing quality video. # # #

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