LaCie Introduces 1TB Little Big Disk

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I still can’t wrap my head around a one terabyte portable bus-powered hard drive. I remember when 9 gig drives were the standard high capacity drive, and honestly it wasn’t that long ago. So for those who need massive portable storage, like editing in the field with a laptop, check out the details of LaCie’s 1TB Little Big Disk below.

From a LaCie Press Release:

Little Big Disk Quadra 1TB: Small, Mighty and Full of Capacity

Powerful, handheld storage device available up to 1TB
Burst transfer speeds of up to 110MB/s via e-SATA or 80MB/s over FireWire 800*
Quadruple interface for flexibility; FireWire bus-power for true mobility
Sturdy, aluminum heat sink design with amazingly quiet operation

PORTLAND, OR (June 2008) LaCie today announced the Little Big Disk Quadra 1TB, the
industrys largest capacity, most powerful mobile storage solution to fit comfortably into the palm
of your hand. Joining already shipping 500GB and 400GB (7200 RPM) versions, the portable
Little Big Disk is LaCies workflow answer for speed- and capacity-demanding applications and
digital content creation.

This extremely fast, mobile device includes two 2.5-inch hard disks that work together in a built-in
RAID 0 configuration to enable up to 110MB/s burst transfer rates when using eSATA or up to
80MB/s if using FireWire 800*. With one eSATA 3Gbits, two FireWire 800 (FireWire 400
compatible with included adaptor), and one USB 2.0 interface, the Little Big Disk allows universal
connectivity for true cross-platform compatibility.

Featuring the well-known LaCie d2 heat sink design, developed by Neil Poulton, the Little Big
Disk is entirely fanless, which allows it to operate flawlessly without posing as a noise distraction
when editing content. The sturdy Little Big Disk is 100 percent bus-powered by the FireWire
interface, in spite of the two 2.5-inch disks inside, and weighs in at a little over 1.4 pounds. Up to
60 percent lighter than conventional desktop drives, this device is a great solution for users
needing versatile on-the-go storage for high-intensity computing applications.

The Little Big Disk is suitable for multiple in-the-field applications. A professional photographer
will take thousands of RAW photos in one photo shoot, while a videographer needs tremendous
capacity and transfer rates to edit their footage, said Arnaud Prezelin, LaCie Product Manager
for Creative Pro solutions. Powerful yet portable, the Little Big Disk Quadra is an essential tool
for meeting a professionals mobile needs. While traveling, users no longer need to carry heavy
devices and power cables to operate a high-capacity 1TB external hard drive.

Fully plug and play with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (including Time Machine) and Windows
Vista, the Little Big Disk Quadra comes preloaded with the LaCie Setup Assistant, a utility that
optimizes the drive according to your needs (Mac, Windows, or cross-platform environments).
The unit comes bundled with advanced backup and restore software EMC Retrospect Express
for Mac and Windows. It can also be daisy-chained using one of the two FireWire interfaces with
other LaCie hard disks or DVDRW drives.

The 1TB LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra is available now from LaCie direct and widely available via
LaCies specialized dealer network at the suggested retail price starting at $659.99. For more
information, visit

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