Roland adds Video Field Recorder to Edirol lineup

Reprinted from a Roland press release:
Roland Systems Group, leaders in audio/video mixing and capture technology, today unveiled the new EDIROL F-1 Video Field Recorder. The F-1 is the newest member of the popular and growing lineup of EDIROL field recorders combining video capture with multi-channel audio.

The EDIROL F-1 is the ideal addition for any videographer or producer wanting to accelerate their workflow by capturing HDV or DV directly to a hard drive in the field. With two additional audio inputs, no file size limitation, removable hard drive and multiple power options, the F-1 can be used anywhere and in a variety of applications.

In addition to capturing video, the F-1 has two balanced audio inputs for capturing an additional two audio sources supplementing the two channels already part of the video stream. The extra two audio channels are locked to the video and accompany the digital stream as separate uncompressed linear broadcast wav files. This feature not only doubles the typical audio inputs but also provides 16-bit/48Hz audio quality which is beneficial in improving HDV audio quality.

The EDIROL F-1 has no 2GB or 4GB file size limitation found in other solutions and uses a removable HDD for storage allowing the user to swap drives and continue shooting. The removable HDD can also be directly connected to a computer of immediate editing of the video and audio footage.

The unit includes a built-in RGB output that enables connection of a VGA monitor for quick thumbnail previewing without the need to connect a computer. The USB port enables connection of a mouse or touchscreen functionality when using an external monitor. Also available via free download is the F-1 utility software enabling more advanced previewing and file management when connected to a computer. In addition, the built-in network port enables remote control ability of one or multiple units using a simple ethernet switch and computer.

The F-1 Video Field Recorder joins the EDIROL field recording family which includes the R-09HR 2-channel, R-44 Solid-State 4-channel, and R-4Pro 4-channel with timecode portable audio field recorders.

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