Disc Makers shows off least expensive automated disc duplicator ever

Disc Makers blandished their sub-$500 disc duplicator at NAB this year. It’s the first automated disc duplicator in its class to reach such a low price point at $499. We witnessed the Forte at work while we got the run through on the specs, but we missed the chance to get some video. We’ll put some pics up real soon.

In the meantime, the Forte utilizes a unique design to minimize desk space (you don’t even need a computer to run it). It has a 160 GB hard drive to store disc images and is controlled by a simple button/LCD user interface. The Forte has a 25 disc input/output capacity and burns DVDs and CDs at 7 discs per hour and 14 discs per hour, respectively.

Other than it’s small size and simple operation, we were impressed with the Forte’s industrial strength robotic arm that will help insure more consistent performance.

The Disc Makers Forte is available now. For more information visit Disc Makers.

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