Why video shooters trust NANUK N-PVD backpacks

Do you want to shoot professional-looking videos without compromising the safety of your gear? Look no further than the NANUK N-PVD backpack series.

What’s the NANUK N-PVD?

NANUK N-PVD backpacks are bags designed for on-the-go photographers, videographers and drone pilots looking to keep their equipment protected at all times. Made from recycled polyester fabrics with a durable water-repellent finish, these backpacks can not only keep your gear safe, but they can also help you keep your things organized no matter where you travel to. And, for even more protection, the NANUK N-PVD backpacks also have a removable cover that can protect your gear from water and dust.

No matter your production size, NANUK has a backpack to fit your needs. N-PVD backpacks come in various sizes, from 15 L to 40 L. That means you won’t have to leave anything at home or tightly pack your gear, risking its safety.

A large array of features

Now, let’s go over some of the NANUK N-PVD backpacks’ standout features:

360-degree foam padding for impact protection and stability

Thick foam padding surrounds the bag, cushioning gear from any bumps or drops. This foam also helps maintain the bag’s shape and prevents it from collapsing.

EVA compression-moulded bottom panels to prevent tipping over

The backpacks’ sturdy bottom panels, made from lightweight and durable EVA material, are also water-resistant. Additionally, they feature rubber feet for grip and stability on various surfaces.

YKK Aquaguard zippers for water resistance

These high-quality YKK Aquaguard zippers on this bag are designed to resist water penetration. They also feature ergonomic pulls for easy opening and closing.

Custom aluminum hooks for secure attachments

The N-PVD backpacks’ metal hooks, crafted from a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, are both strong and lightweight. These hooks enable users to easily attach or detach the removable cover, shoulder straps or other accessories with confidence.

Padded laptop or tablet sleeves

For added protection, the backpacks features dedicated, padded compartments for a laptop or tablet, each lined with soft fabric to guard against scratches and impacts. These compartments are secured with Velcro closures, ensuring both safety and easy access.

Reconfigurable, removable and customizable dividers with tri-base attachments

These flexible dividers allow you to tailor the interior space to your gear and preferences. These dividers feature tri-base attachments, adjusting at three angles: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. You can also remove them entirely for more space or use them as individual pouches.

Side, top and back panels for easy and fast access

Thanks to the backpacks’ multiple openings, you can access your gear from various angles without having to fully open it. Each section is also designed for specific types of gear. For instance, you can use the side panels for your camera or drone, the top panel for lenses or accessories, and the back panel for your laptop.

Side exterior pockets and straps for tripod and accessories

Lastly, the backpacks feature roomy pockets on each side suitable for a water bottle, umbrella or other essentials. Additionally, one side includes adjustable straps to secure a tripod or monopod.

The ultimate bags for video shooters

The NANUK N-PVD backpacks are the ultimate bags for video shooters who are on-the-go and want to keep their gear protected at all times. And they’re not just functional; they’re also stylish and eco-friendly. With its unique color scheme inspired by nature, and its sleek, modern design, you can keep your gear safe and feel good while doing it.

Available in many different sizes, the N-PVD has every need covered. Starting with the small and nimble N-PVD 18L all the way up to the 40L, you’re sure to find a bag in the size you need for any shooting situation.

To learn more about the NANUK N-PVD backpacks, head to the official NANUK website

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