Why the BenQ PD2706U Fits Seamlessly With Any Mac Setup

If you want to elevate your creative workflow, having a monitor that integrates with Mac systems is a must for a productive session. The BenQ PD2706U, designed with Mac-centric and compatible features, offers users seamless integration, unparalleled performance, and visual fidelity for easy and efficient use.

Let’s take a closer look at what the BenQ PD2706U can offer you and how it could be the perfect next addition to your setup.

4K UHD resolution

When it comes to editing your video content, you want to use a monitor that can display the same level of detail as your footage. While editing and reviewing high-resolution footage, every pixel matters. The BenQ PD2706U offers UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution to give you the best resolution and image depth you need to ensure you can see every detail in your project. Everything is displayed with clarity and allows you to focus on the creative process and not have to worry about the quality of the displayed content.

M-Book Mode

BenQ has designed the PD2706U with a function called M-Book Mode to offer Mac users enhanced color consistency while connected to a Mac device. By switching to M-book mode, you can adjust the color settings to match those of your Mac and keep your images consistent across all of your screens. Merge the quality of your Mac with the comfort of your setup. 

Color Reproduction

While image detail and clarity are key factors to the creative process, your monitor’s ability to deliver accurate color reproduction directly affects the final results. Monitors have varying color coverage, but the PD2706U excels in this area. With coverage of 95% P3, 99% sRGB and 99% Rec.709 color spaces, this wide color gamut ensures reliable color grading and post-production work. Whether you’re fine-tuning the hues of a sunset or perfecting your subject’s skin tone, you should be able to work with accurate color reproduction and high-quality images with the PD2706U.

Factory Calibration

When you’re working under tight deadlines, time is of the essence, and the extra time it takes you to set up a new part of your workspace can eat into your production time. The PD2706U saves you color calibration time by coming with a factory calibration report for each unit. You don’t need to spend time calibrating the monitor, it’s ready to go right out of the box.

BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology aims to provide consistent and dependable color performance across the entire screen to reach high levels of color fidelity. Its monitor calibration, with a Delta E ≦3, is designed to boost the monitor’s color accuracy across the board. The monitor is also Pantone validated and Pantone SkinTone validated, which is intended to offer accurate color representation and lifelike skin tones for creative professionals. Additionally, it’s Calman verified, indicating it meets high standards of color precision.


Screen uniformity is important for accurate image representation, particularly for photographers and designers. It ensures consistent brightness and color across the entire display. Poor uniformity can lead to inaccuracies, making it challenging to view and edit images correctly. These issues often arise from physical inconsistencies in the monitor’s panel or lack of calibration. Monitors like the PD2706U are calibrated to address these concerns, aiming to balance brightness and color for reliable image presentation to ensure what’s seen on-screen matches the intended vision.

Support for DisplayHDR 400

One of the PD2706U’s standout features is its DisplayHDR 400 support. DisplayHDR 400 enhances brightness and contrast for HDR content, which means that you’ll be able to see your work with vivid colors and deep contrast. HDR support is particularly beneficial for content that demands a high dynamic range, like the HDR content captured in your cinematic footage.

USB-C Connectivity

Another notable feature of the PD2706U is its USB-C connectivity. All you need is a single USB-C cable that handles both data transfer and charging. This could significantly improve your wire management and open up more space on your desk. USB-C integration particularly benefits Mac users, as Apple products have widely adopted USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. The PD2706U can streamline your setup while keeping your workspace tidy and efficient.

BenQ Software

BenQ monitors include software designed to promote productivity for creatives. Software suite includes Display Color Talk, which is a feature that matches the color on your monitor to the ones on your device. This is critical for accurate color representation in a professional setting. Display Pilot 2 software features a user-friendly interface for controlling all monitor settings. These features make it easy to customize and optimize your monitor settings.


Video editors have to constantly juggle many tasks, so they need a monitor that can support multitasking. The PD2706U, featuring a KVM switch and PIP/PBP functionality, allows control of multiple systems using the Hotkey Puck G2 to adjust OSD settings directly, change inputs, and switch KVM. Its Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) modes can display content from different sources simultaneously. This is a great feature for managing multiple projects at once.

The BenQ PD2706U: All the features you need for an efficient monitor

Designed with an array of features, such as 4K UHD resolution, USB-C connectivity, and DisplayHDR 400, this monitor is efficient for content creation. The BenQ PD2706U is a strong option for video editors. You can learn more about the BenQ PD2706U and how it could elevate your workspace here.

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