The NANUK-R Collection: The first environmentally responsible cases for videographers

Today, environmental responsibility is more crucial than ever. Our planet faces many serious issues: man-made climate change, pollution, excess plastic waste — the list continues. These issues threaten not only our planet but also our well-being and economic stability.

Consumers have the power to make effective change for the better. By choosing products that are eco-friendly and prioritizing the planet’s health in sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution, we can contribute to the environmental movement. NANUK is committed to this movement with the NANUK-R Collection case.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint, the NANUK-R collection is worth considering. Here’s why.

Why NANUK-R cases?

Reducing plastic waste and production

Each case in the NANUK-R collection is made from recycled resin, helping to reduce plastic waste in landfills. These cases maintain the same quality and performance as other NANUK case lines. NANUK is dedicated to providing high-end cases for videography gear, and the NANUK-R collection upholds this standard.

In developing the NANUK-R collection, NANUK aimed to create a case that could both reliably protect customers’ gear and reduce waste. It takes hundreds of years for plastics, like resin, to decompose in landfills. As they break down, they release tiny particles that contaminate the surrounding soil and waterways. Using a case from the NANUK-R collection puts plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfills to use. You also help conserve natural resources and reduce the demand for new plastic production.

On average, the NANUK-R collection contains 80% post-consumer recycled resin and achieves a 50% reduction in CO2 footprint compared to regular NANUK cases. 

Lowering our carbon footprints

Many cases today are manufactured and shipped from overseas, contributing significantly to global emissions and advancing climate change. The NANUK-R collection, sourced and manufactured in Canada, offers videographers in Canada and the United States a way to reduce their carbon footprint. For those in North America, NANUK uses fewer transportation modes and shorter shipping times, leading to lower CO2 emissions.

Through optimized manufacturing processes and transportation methods, the NANUK-R collection has cut its carbon footprint by at least 50%.

Unprecedented durability that’s environmentally conscious

The NANUK-R collection is like no other case on the market. While being environmentally responsible, these cases offer the same protection and durability as NANUK’s other case lines. The NANUK-R cases are also certified by the US Department of Defense for military use, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance and withstanding challenging environments.

For instance, the NANUK-R 935 has all of the regular NANUK case features like polyurethane wheels designed for rough terrains, a waterproof shell, and a PowerClaw latching system for secure closure and gear safety. The NANUK-R 904, with the same latching system, is both waterproof and dustproof.

You can be environmentally conscious while keeping your gear safe with the NANUK-R Collection cases.

Preserving our environment together

We live in a time when environmental responsibility is vital for our health and our planet’s well-being. Creating a more environment-friendly world is possible. By reducing our carbon footprints and plastic consumption and using products at the forefront of the environmental movement like the NANUK-R collection, we can foster a healthier future for everyone.
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