The Future of VFX and Post-production with SOKRISPYMEDIA

Sam & Brendan from the YouTube channel SOKRISPYMEDIA walk us through a crash course on virtual production & post production. They’ll go over basic setup tips, which hardware and software they use, and how to do live compositing in Unreal Engine. They’ll also show how you can get started without needing LED panels — and how this tech is leading the future of the film industry!

This session is sponsored by Dell Technologies who bring solutions to all types of creators who are born to create. With Precision Workstations featuring NVIDIA RTX GPUs, UltraSharp monitors and a wide range of software and accessories, Dell Technologies serves all types of creators from the largest of Hollywood Studios to independent freelancers all of whom know they can count on the performance and reliability of Dell to get their work done.

Sam Wickert is an experienced director, VFX supervisor, and co-creator of the YouTube Channel SOKRISPYMEDIA. Most known for the Chalk Warfare series, Sam’s content has over 370 million views all across the web, and has worked with partners such as Google, Nvidia, Blackmagic Design and Dell. Sam & his team continue to create exciting, cutting-edge content on YouTube and other platforms.

Brendan Forde is their lead VFX artist and overall technical guru with SOKRISPYMEDIA. He’s done everything from 3d tracking in the Chalk Warfare series to real time compositing and motion tracking with Unreal Engine.

Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress.

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