Practical Workflows for the New Normal – with Sam and Steven from OWC

    We are now living in the new normal. Sometimes you’ll be in the office. Sometimes you’ll be at home. And sometimes the people you’re working with will be in the office or working at home. How do you plan for this, and how do you build workflows and create infrastructure for jobs big and small?

    Sam Mestman and Steven Niedzielski from OWC will map out some strategies for you. They will help you create the flexible infrastructure you need. With practical solutions for fast turnaround content, long-form projects and large organization-based workflows, we will give you the tools you need to approach whatever the new normal throws your way. Whether you’re working from home or at the office or you and your team is doing a little bit of both, this presentation will give you the tools you need to approach whatever you’re doing.

    Steven Niedzielski – Senior Workflow Engineer at OWC

    Steven has 20+ years of experience in pro video workflows, managing technical and creative professionals, producing compelling marketing content and implementing cutting-edge technology. It’s no surprise Steven dedicates his efforts to helping solve one of the biggest problems for post-production professionals coming out of a global pandemic: hybrid office video workflows. Steven is a Senior Workflow Engineer at OWC, where he helps video teams determine which Jellyfish solution will work best for their office, remote or hybrid workflow needs.

    Sam Mestman – Chief Workflow Architect at OWC

    Sam Mestman is the Chief Workflow Architect for OWC and the founder of We Make Movies (, LumaForge, and FCPWorks. As a professional editor and colorist, he has worked for Apple, ESPN, Glee, and Break Media (to name a few), and has edited or colored hundreds of shorts, features, web series, and probably every other type of content you can think of. His specialty is the Apple creative ecosystem and he is also the architect behind some of the largest FCPX integrations in the world, including Focus, the world’s first studio feature edited with Final Cut Pro X. On the video educations side, his Smartphone Studio mobile filmmaking workshops ( are taught in person and remotely to communities around the world and his focus is democratizing filmmaking and storytelling for everyone no matter who they are or where they live.