No more external drives: building a collaborative, remote, and efficient filmmaking environment with network-attached storage

    Founded in 1992, Matchstick Productions (MSP Films) is one of the most prominent action sports media houses in the industry. By 2018, MSP films were producing more than 250 TB of footage per year and relied entirely on portable external drives to store that critical footage. On top of drive-failure concerns, physically moving those drives between editors created a cumbersome workflow that blocked editors from working efficiently, collaboratively or remotely.

    In 2018, executive producer Murray Weis sought out a solution that would address their workflow concerns and enable a more secure, collaborative and efficient workflow for the team. Join Synology for this in-depth discussion with Murray about how MSP Films leveraged network-attached storage to enable efficient collaboration, instantaneous remote footage access and fool-proof redundancy in their workflow.

    Murray Wais – Executive Producer/Director at Matchstick Productions

    Murray was born in Seattle and developed an undying passion for skiing in the deep corners of the Cascades. As a partner in MSP for over 20 years, Murray has traveled and shot skiing nearly everywhere there are mountains. Falling snow indeed haunts his waking thoughts. A Colorado transplant and proud father, Murray’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives in running not only a successful production company but a global distribution company as well. Despite the hype and the corporate speak, his true love of life is the natural world and the joy that having fun outdoors brings. Murray considers it a great honor and a lifelong accomplishment to work side by side with some of the most talented crews in the world.

    Chris Fry – Senior Business Development Specialist at Synology

    Chris is part of the Synology team that works directly with end users. His role is to support and educate clients specifically in the Media & Entertainment industry. He is also an amateur photographer who enjoys weekend photo-walks in the Pacific Northwest.

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