How the BenQ PD3225U helps video creators elevate their editing setups

Video creators need tools that will keep up with their creativity. The BenQ PD3225U 4K monitor is made for those dedicated to design, video production, and content creation. With user-centric features, the PD3225U delivers both precision and color accuracy throughout the production process.

Let’s take a look at why the BenQ PD3225U deserves a spot in your video editing setup.

For creators who demand the best

The BenQ PD3225U harnesses IPS Black technology to deliver deeper blacks that help you realize your creative vision. This is done by minimizing light leakage and improving the liquid crystal properties, resulting in deeper blacks.

With a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and brightness of 400 nits, it shows every detail, from the subtlest shadow to the brightest highlight. Plus, its high contrast ratio allows it to display deeper blacks and brighter whites. This range is crucial for video editors who need to see subtle details in both the brightest and darkest parts of their footage. It ensures that there aren’t any details lost in the shadows or highlights. With a high contrast ratio, you get a more precise editing experience.

Color accuracy like never before

Color accuracy should be non-negotiable. Thankfully, with a color gamut coverage of 98% P3, the PD3225U provides precise color accuracy. This means that the display can reproduce 98% of the colors within the P3 color space, which is a wider color gamut than the traditional sRGB. The P3 color space encompasses a larger portion of the visible color spectrum, allowing for more vibrant and accurate colors that are closer to what the human eye can see.

In M-book mode, specially developed for Mac users, you get the same experience across all of your screens. That means your footage’s color will look the same on a MacBook or a PD3225U monitor. 

The PD3225U also offers Delta E ≤ 2 that guarantees what you see on the screen is exactly what you get. Delta E is a metric used to quantify the difference between two perceived colors. The lower the Delta E value, the closer the color output of the monitor is to the actual, intended color. A Delta E of ≤2 means the colors displayed on the monitor are almost indistinguishable from the real, intended colors. For video editors, this ensures that the colors they are working with on the monitor closely match their original footage or creative vision.

Streamlined workflow and connectivity

The PD3225U gives you more than exceptional visual performance, it can also enhance your editing workflow. With Display Pilot 2, it’s easy to adjust settings directly from a Mac keyboard. Whether you’re adjusting brightness or managing multiple applications, it’s designed to keep you in the flow. It offers HDR400, bringing content to life with high-quality image clarity.

Additionally, since the monitor supports Thunderbolt 3, you can extend your workspace across two 4K monitors. You’ll have all the space and resolution you need to work efficiently.

Enhanced efficiency with built-in KVM switch

If you need to multitask across multiple computers, the PD3225U has a built-in KVM switch. With this, you can control two systems with a single keyboard and mouse. This feature will save you desk space, allowing you to focus more on creating and less on managing your setup.

With its great color accuracy, seamless Mac integration, and ergonomic design, the BenQ PD3225U is a tremendous addition to any editing setup. If you are a video creator who wants a reliable, quality monitor, you need to check out the BenQ PD3225U.

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