Everything you need to know about PTZ cameras right now

    You might have seen a PTZ camera before, Simply put, a PTZ is a remote-controlled, Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera. 

    They are easily implemented into production because they can be connected via USB, and Plug and Play with any computer, Mac or PC. They can also connect to a pro connector like SDI or HDMI. And you can even use PTZ cameras with NDI using existing networking equipment.

    PTZ cameras are a great solution for many productions and have a long list of applications. Their simple function and installation make them a great choice. All PTZOptics cameras even include a 5-year warranty and lifetime support. Learn more about PTZOptics and its products.

    PTZOptics is a manufacturer of robotic pan, tilt, zoom camera solutions for a variety of broadcast applications, including both video production and live streaming.