Vimeo’s Showcase can share your videos to the world

Vimeo has unveiled a new tool to share your videos to the world. That tool is being called Showcase and it looks to help you grow your audience.

Showcase allows you to create a portfolio and video site, embed playlists, and create your own channel on TV apps. Vimeo says that Showcase is here because of the needs of their audience. “We’ve learned that you need something that’s quick, customizable, and available to your audience across all devices,” says Vimeo.

One of the seemingly great things about Vimeo is it will help many different kinds of video creators. If you’re a freelancer working with clients, an artist or a teacher, Showcase should help. It allows you to “establish an online presence, or a marketer promoting your products or brand,” says Vimeo.

Here’s what Showcase has to offer

Create a portfolio or video site

With Showcase, you can either share your videos publicly or privately with custom layouts for making your portfolio. Plus, you can use a custom domain with a Vimeo URL or you can use a domain you already own. It looks like a great alternative to having to pay a separate website builder to showcase your work.

Embeddable playlists

Now, you can embed a collection of your videos on your site with an embed code. Customization and optional password protection are offered too.

Your own channel

With streaming-enabled TV device ownership increasing by 56% in 2017, it is important your content can be streamed on TV platforms. Showcase allows you to make your own channel on Roku and Amazon Fire. You can do this without a single line of code or getting a developer’s help.

What’s to come in the future?

  • More embedded layouts
  • Live-streaming support
  • Showcase-specific stats
  • Presets to create custom showcases

“Showcase is a significant step towards that goal, and we’re excited to perfect this product to meet those needs, with your help!” says Vimeo.

Image courtesy Vimeo

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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