Vimeo Enterprise supports large organizations

Vimeo’s introduced a solution for video communication at work. That solution is Vimeo Enterprise, and it looks to empower large organizations working with video.

Vimeo Enterprise allows large organizations to manage and share live and on-demand video content with teams and even customers. Enterprise brings user-level analytics, single-sign-on authentication and live production services to the table. This all adds more “control, security and support” to Vimeo’s product suite.

According to the press release, Vimeo says that they’ve realized that “large companies have complex and specific requirements when managing video at scale.”

“Vimeo Enterprise combines the best of our platform — powerful tools, ease of use, and the highest quality viewing experience — with new enterprise-grade capabilities that give organizations full control and support to power their business with video,” said Anjali Sud, CEO, Vimeo.

What does Vimeo Enterprise have to offer?

Companies now have the ability to connect with their employees and market to their customers “securely and with ease.” The following are the features that allow for that to happen:


All account access and videos are under administrators’ control. Not only that, administrators are supported by features like SSO authentication, password protection, domain whitelisting, embed restrictions and private workspaces.

Branded video showcases

With Vimeo Enterprise, users can develop and launch unlimited white-label video content sites. Teams can access those sites and interact with them “securely,” according to Vimeo.

User analytics

Additionally, businesses can measure employee engagement with user-level analytics. They’ll be able to see who is watching to better understand their audience.

You can try a demo version at Vimeo’s website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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