SmallHD’s FOCUS 7 is a big screen for small setups

SmallHD’s newest monitor, the Focus 7, enlarges the original 5-inch Focus monitor to 7 inches without sacrificing its lightweight design.

The Focus 7 touchscreen monitor is said to represent a “tremendous value” for independent filmmakers and small production teams. For $700, buyers will get a 7-inch monitor with a 1920 x 1200 resolution. In terms of brightness, the display tops out at 10000 nits. It also offers 4K HDMI input and 7.2v Power Output. Compared to the Focus OLED, which at launch was priced at $700 and offered a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 touchscreen display, the FOCUS 7 improves on all fronts for the same price.

SmallHD is known for packing in a lot of value for a good price. When we reviewed both the SmallHD FOCUS and FOCUS OLED, we found both to be quality monitors for a great price. From what we’re seeing from the Focus 7, it looks like it’s also priced well for what it’s offering.

A lightweight display

One of the key features to the 5-inch Focus was that it didn’t add much weight to creators’ setups. While the Focus 7 is 2 inches larger, the weight still shouldn’t be an issue:

“The original 5-inch Focus monitor was successful because it made shooting with a small DSLR or mirrorless cameras so much easier,” says Dale Backus, SmallHD Co-Founder. “The FOCUS 7 offers similar functionality, while adding display size and resolution, without adding bulk.” The new monitor weighs less than a pound.

The exact measurements are 6.9 inches wide, 4.7 inches high and 1 inch deep. It weighs 11.28 oz.

The FOCUS 7 has a lot of improvements over the FOCUS 5
The FOCUS 7 has a lot of improvements over the FOCUS 5

Full-size HDMI Input

The FOCUS 7 is a multipurpose, single input on-camera monitor. It features a full-size HDMI input, slightly recessed to keep a secured connection. It supports 4K 30 signals, and real-time 3D LUTs, monitor profiles and screen overlays can be loaded through a full-size SD card slot. Additionally, there is a stereo headphone jack for audio monitoring.

Mounting the FOCUS 7

Mounting a 7-inch monitor onto a low-profile camera setup can be tough. But SmallHD’s made a 7-inch Tilt Arm that claims to provide a “simple and convenient way” to mount the monitor on-camera or on-gimbal.


  • 7-inch, 1920 x 1080 screen
  • 4K 30 fps monitoring through HDMI
  • Daylight viewable at 1000 nits
  • LCD monitor features IPS Technology
  • OS3 software
  • Pinch-to-zoom function
  • Waveform and scopes reading
  • Exposure control, focus pull, and 3D LUTs
  • Two battery slots
  • Weighs 11.28-ounces
  • Compatible with tilt arm and gimbal
  • Wide viewing-angle

Pricing and availability

You can buy the FOCUS 7 now for S700 at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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