Review: SmallHD FOCUS Solves Problems for Small-camera Shooters



Major Issue with the smallHD FOCUS

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I just purchased this monitor from B&H and liked the monitor for the most part. I hated the battery monitor and glitchy screen. The new firmware OS3 promised to make me more happy. But there is a major flaw with the monitor. It is impossible to update the firmware if yours shipped with 3.1.4. Here is a video to prove the issue.... so sad :(

RE: Major Issue with smallHD Focus

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SOLUTION: (via Ari Magician comment on YouTube )

I also had this problem before I figured out what I was doing wrong... before putting the files onto your SD card and putting the card into your monitor, you need to completely format the card on your computer. Either format it as "FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT) for Mac". Then, put the files on the card and into the monitor. It should work now and have no "flashy" screen. Also, use a 16gb card or lower. (Just FYI: this is all laid out in the instructions for how to install the update on SmallHDs website -
Ari Magician • 1 week ago