RØDE Connect app mixes four NT-USB Mini mics simultaneously

USB mics are an affordable option for creators looking to record audio directly to their PCs. However, there aren’t many options for creators who want to connect multiple USB mics to the same PC without external hardware. RODE’s new, free app — RØDE Connect — looks to solve this common problem.

RØDE Connect allows podcasters and streamers to connect up to four USB microphones simultaneously onto the same PC. At the moment, it only works with the RØDE NT-USB Mini, though RØDE does plan to add support for more mics in the future. It’s likely the mics RØDE adds will be from the brand’s own catalog. There’s no word whether RØDE will open Connect to any USB microphone. Nevertheless, the app looks like a solid solution to a common problem in the podcasting/streaming world.

Connect records all of the audio to one system channel, so if you’re recording with multiple guests, their audio all records to the same channel. However, the app offers one virtual channel as well, so you could have one guest on the system channel and a second guest on the virtual channel.

RØDE Connect Breakdown

  • Connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer
  • Free for both Mac and Windows
  • Digital signal processing like a noise gate, compressor, and the APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom
  • Recording interface with broadcast-style faders, level metering and mute buttons
  • Automatic mix-minus on every channel

RØDE may add more features to Connect in the future. RØDE states, “We are actively looking at how we can expand the selection of microphones available for use with Rode Connect, and where possible we will integrate other Rode mics into the solution.”

Pricing and availability

RØDE Connect is out now and free to download for both Mac and Windows.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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