Nikon announces newest COOLPIX W150 digital camera

Nikon’s travel COOLPIX line has a new addition According to its release, the COOLPIX W150 comes with a durable design that can handle the depths of water.

Inside, the W150 sports a 13.2 MP low-light CMOS sensor. Its lens is a 3x zoom-NIKKOR glass lens. As for the video, the camera can shoot full HD 1080p video with stereo sound. That should suffice for family vacation videos or those that don’t have the cash to get a 4K travel camera.

Nikon COOLPIX W150
Nikon COOLPIX W150

COOLPIX W150’s durability

One of the big features is its ability to shoot underwater. The camera can work up to 33 feet underwater. So if you want to shoot underwater, the W150 can do so. Plus, the camera has a feature called “Underwater Face Framing.” This feature automatically detects people’s faces below water.

But what if you drop the camera? That surely can happen during travel. The COOLPIX W150 can withstand a fall from up to 5.9 feet. So if the camera slips out of your hands, it should be fine.

Additionally, the camera is sealed to keep out dust and debris and can handle temperatures down to -14°F.

The COOLPIX W150 can still shoot full HD 1080p video underwater
The COOLPIX W150 can still shoot full HD 1080p video underwater

Shooting video

As said before, the COOLPIX W150 can shoot Full HD video at 1080p/30 fps with stereo sound. That applies even underwater. When it comes to keeping the image stable, the W150 uses electronic Vibration Reduction to try to reduce camera shake. There’s also Target Find AF to focus the image.

COOLPIX W150’s does offer 3x optical zoom, but it also offers Dynamic Fine Zoom. That extends the zoom up to 6x. You can additionally shoot subjects at up to about 2 inches.

Other notable stuff

The W150 has a 2.7” 230l-dot TFT LCD screen and SnapBridge built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities can connect the camera to compatible smart devices for sharing.

Pricing and availability

The COOLPIX W150 will be out in September 2019 for about $169. You can learn more about the camera at Nikon’s official website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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