NAB 2024: DJI RS4 Pro wins Best Gimbal

Taking home the award for Best Gimbal of NAB 2024 is the DJI RS4 Pro. This new gimbal system offers innovative tools for hand-held content creation. It’s launching alongside the RS4 gimbal and the DJI Focus Pro system with LiDAR. Standout features of the RS4 Pro include next-gen vertical video capture, improved stabilization and an expanded accessory ecosystem.

The DJI RS4 Pro up close

DJI RS4 Pro in use
Image courtesy: DJI

With the RS4 Pro, DJI aims to make life easier for the solo video producer or content creator. In addition to improved stabilization for vertical video shooting, the gimbal also features an easy-to-use locking mechanism. This makes it easier to switch between horizontal and vertical video on the fly.

Adding to this, the gimbal includes DJI’s 4th-gen stabilization algorithm, which is said to be more effective and efficient while improving the overall user experience. On top of that, the gimbal promises ultra-smooth panning and tilting thanks to a new Teflon coating on all three axes. Precision has been improved with a fine-tuning knob and the gimbal now also features automated axis locks for a more intuitive shooting experience.

With its carbon fiber arms, the DJI RS4 Pro can support payloads of up to 10 pounds. That means most mirrorless cameras and some smaller cinema cameras are compatible with this system. However, despite this hefty payload capacity, DJI promises smooth and responsive operation thanks to a 20% boost in torque for all three axes. The RS4 can support up to 6.6 pounds.

Another feature setting the RS4 Pro apart is it’s Car Mount mode, which promises to capture smooth traveling shots by optimizing for vehicle vibrations and wind resistance.

Image courtesy: DJI

Dual focus and zoom control

The new RS4 Pro also features dual DJI Focus Pro Motors, meaning you can remotely adjust both focus and zoom at the same time. The gimbal is also compatible with the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR for super-accurate autofocus and next-gen Active Track Pro subject tracking.

Pricing and availability

The DJI RS4 Pro is available now for $870. Head to to learn more.

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