NAB 2024: DJI Focus Pro wins Best Camera Accessory

Congratulations to DJI; the DJI Focus Pro is our pick for the Best Camera Accessory of NAB 2024 award this year.

The Focus Pro is the company’s first independent LiDAR focus system. LiDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging and uses a pulsed laser to measure distances. The Focus Pro system builds on the technology that DJI developed for use with its gimbals.

Focus Pro Grip

DJI’s Focus Pro system comprises of a camera-mountable LiDAR unit, a focus motor and the all-new Focus Pro Grip. You can also get a Focus Pro Hand Unit, designed for operation by a remote focus puller. The Focus Pro Grip features a 2.5-hour system power supply, auto-calibration and data storage for 15 lenses. The full-color touchscreen allows you to adjust the LiDAR and motor parameters. In addition, you can see a real-time view from the LiDAR’s perspective to understand what subject the system has picked to focus on. The Focus Pro Grip can directly connect to mirrorless cameras via Bluetooth for wireless start/stop recording.

LiDAR system

DJI Focus Pro LiDAR
Image courtesy: DJI

The Focus Pro’s LiDAR system features an extended human-subject focus distance of 65 feet (20 meters) and a super-wide focus field of view of 70 degrees. With 76,800 ranging points and a refresh rate of 30 Hz, the upgraded LiDAR also enhances human-subject edge detection while minimizing focus hunting. DJI says that this delivers reliable focus even in fast-moving scenarios. In addition, Focus Pro has enhanced intelligent autofocus functionalities, including AF subject recognition and tracking, adjustable focus speed and selectable focus area modes.

Automated Manual Focus

The Focus Pro has an Automated Manual Focus (AMF) mode which DJI boldly claims sets “a new standard for human-machine collaboration.” In AMF mode, the front dial on the Grip, or the focus knob on the Hand Unit, also rotate as the autofocus operates. This means that you can watch the focus status on the monitor and perceive the autofocus logic through tactile feedback from your fingertips. As a result, DJI says that cinematographers can make prompt decisions on when to manually intervene. In addition, in AMF mode, manual focus control can be engaged and disengaged in milliseconds.

Focus Pro Hand Unit

The Focus Pro Hand Unit features real-time, stepless magnetic damping adjustment which balances comfort and precision. It also allows a focus puller to control the lens focus, zoom and iris if you use three motors. As with the Focus Pro Grip, there is a record button to stop and start recording via Bluetooth. In addition, the electronic A-B point marking mode supports spring-back tactile feedback for endpoints to achieve precise focus control. The Hand Unit has an impressive communication distance of over 520 feet (160 meters) so should be ideal whether you are indoors or outdoors.

What we think

Image courtesy: DJI

DJI’s Focus Pro system is an ideal solution for adding autofocus capabilities to cine lenses and other manual lenses. It would also be very useful with cinema cameras such as those from Blackmagic Design which have limited autofocus features. In addition, the innovative AMF mode and real-time LiDAR view means you can be ready to take over if the system starts to focus on the wrong subject. While the basic system is suited to a solo shooter, the Hand Unit means the Focus Pro can be used by larger productions with a separate focus puller. The Focus Pro is going to be another very popular product from DJI.


The DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo retails for $999. This includes the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR, DJI Focus Pro Grip, DJI Focus Pro Motor and DJI Focus Pro Carrying Case. The DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo costs $1,849 and adds a DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit. You can also purchase the Focus Pro LiDAR, Focus Pro Grip, Focus Pro Motor and Focus Pro Hand Unit separately for $699, $329, $149 and $929, respectively.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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