NAB 2023: Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller wins Best Plug-in

The winner of the Best Plug-in of NAB 2023 is Digital Anarchy’s DataStoryteller. This plug-in is designed to simplify the data visualization process. With robust tools for mapping data and animating charts, DataStoryteller helps video editors present complicated data in more engaging ways.

What is Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller?

DataStoryteller is a video editing plug-in that provides a number of data visualization options. Supported host applications currently include Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. With DataStoryteller, data from either Excel or CSV files can be used to create animated charts and graphs.

The plug-in can handle both simple and complex datasets, and supported chart types include bar, line, pie, scatter, bubble and radar. This data viz plug-in also supports data mapping to either world or U.S. maps. With this, data can be visualized by country, state or county.

How does it work?

Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller map in use
Image courtesy: Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller allows you to load Excel or CSV data into a built-in spreadsheet directly in the host application. That way, there’s no need to shuttle files back and forth between applications.

Once that data is loaded, you can select and edit the data as needed. For example, you can select the entire data or just the specific cells, columns or rows that you wish to display. The plug-in also supports multi-file animation, so you can draw data from multiple sources. Its range and filter-based animations allow for more control over when specific data is revealed.

DataStoryteller offers several preset templates, or you can create custom animations with keyframes for one or multiple attributes. The resulting vector-based animations can be rendered at any size. The same animation can be exported for HD productions, 4K, 8K and beyond.

Pricing and availability

Digital Anarchy DataStoryteller is not yet available. To learn more and get the latest news, head to

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