NAB 2019: Wipster adds a new way for audio editors to collab

The video review and collaboration platform, Wipster, has announced its adding dynamic audio waveform review to its collection of features.

While enabling collaboration directly onto the waveform, it will also allow the addition of audio compatibility for .MP3, .WAV and .M4A files. Also, the company says video creators can now dynamically share and receive feedback in real-time. Additionally, they can eliminate email review from their workflow.

“We kept hearing how difficult it was for audio producers and video creators alike to share audio for feedback. Instead of simply storing a static audio file and calling it done, we wanted to create an engaging review experience that solves the real problem of getting fast, actionable, and organized feedback,” says Robyn Haugh, VP of Product at Wipster.

New audio review makes Wipster different than other video collaboration tools

Different from other audio collab tools, Wipster’s new audio review tool is said to be the first to enable collaboration directly on the waveform.

Wipster describes the processes as simply dragging and dropping the audio into the platform. From there, Wipster encodes the audio and generates a playable waveform. After that, reviewers can listen, comment on, and download.

Here’s what’s being added

  • Waveform visualization
  • Time-code accurate commenting tool
  • .MP3, .WAV and .M4A file compatibility
  • Version stacking
  • Download uncompressed file option

You can learn more about the video feedback platform on Wipster’s website. Also, the company is currently showcasing the new tool and more at NAB 2019.

Image courtesy Wipster

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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