Irix Cine lenses are the best budget cine lenses right now

Congratulations to Irix. The Irix Cine cine lens line now holds the title as Videomaker’s best budget lenses currently available on the market.

When choosing which lens or line of lenses earned the best budget crown, there were many factors to consider. It’s true, there are more affordable cinema lenses on the market, ones that are much less expensive than any lens in the Irix Cine line. However, we took in to account what each lens has to offer. When it comes down to it, most filmmakers shopping for a cine lens aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest option; they are likely looking for a higher-quality lens. With this in mind, we chose the Irix Cine line because it offers great performance at a great value.

The Irix Cine lenses may not be the cheapest, but they offer quality functionality at a reasonable price—comparable even to the cheapest options. Additionally, you can modify these lenses with a follow focus and other accessories. So if you want to tailor the functionality of the lenses to your needs, you can.

Irix Cine Lenses overview

The cine lenses in this line are available across many major mounts like the EF, E, MFT, and PL. Every lens in the line is built with durable construction. Additionally, they’re rain and dustproof thanks to a few rubber seals. The Iris has 9 blads and the optical system has 11 optical elements in 9 groups. This includes 4 HR lenses, 1 ED lenses, and 1 ASP. They ensure low levels of distortion and aberrations.

One downside to the line is there are not many focal lengths to choose from. While you do have the option to choose an 11mm, 15mm, 45mm, and 150mm lens, we wish there was a more versatile lineup. Regardless, these cine lenses have a solid build quality and offer great image quality.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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