updates dramatically improve video collaboration

Yesterday, revealed 10 new features that the company claims will “dramatically improve” the way video creatives collaborate on videos.

The features will cover everything under the collaboration process, from initial upload to the final delivery. The top “user-requested” features, according to, are now available. Some of those features include a new reel player presentation format, @mentions, and support for multi-page PDFs.

Here’s a video from that introduces all the new features: just got a major upgrade

Let’s break down all the features coming to

Multi-page PDFs

According to, users can now collaborate on scripts and storyboards the same way they can on videos. “Now, entire video projects from the initial brief to the final deliverable, can live in,” the company says.

Enhanced version management

Reportedly, users have more control over how they manage versions of their videos. Versions of projects can be reordered or removed in the same place. This really could simplify the workflow of many editors.

Private comments

If editors want to hide their internal lingo chats from their clients, they can do that now in Also, internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations for a single project.


If users need to get a hold of someone they’re working with, they can tag them to get their attention. A notification will be sent to those who are tagged.

If you want someone’s attention, just tag them!

Reel player

All assets can now be dropped into a filmstrip format for easier playback. Plus, autoplay is built in, so you don’t have to keep pressing play yourself.

Archival storage

Projects can now be archived. This seems like it’ll save a lot of storage without having to commit to a full-on delete. Additionally, a low-res preview file will stay online and be searchable after the full file is archived. It will take a few hours to restore archived files.

Updated review pages

The software’s interface has been greatly simplified. Clients can now leave comments without having to log in. So, the software should be much more user-friendly.

Redesigned iPhone app’s iPhone app now has been updated as well. In addition to having a “cleaner” interface, says it’s been improved “all-around.”

Short links

URLs used to be longer and more of a hassle to send out. URL’s will now use an shortlink, which should make it easier to share URLs to collaborators or clients.

Account switching

For those with multiple accounts, they can navigate between their accounts in an “ultra simple way” according to By the looks of it, this feature should save a lot of time on tedious account switching.


The updates are out now on If you want to learn more, check out the company’s press release.

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Sean Berry
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