Expanded Shutterstock library is free for Director Suite 365 users

For some time now, a subscription to CyberLink’s PowerDirector Suite 365 would give you access to hundreds of thousands of Shutterstock stocks media files. Now, CyberLink announced that they are opening the floodgates and giving unlimited, free access to an extended Shutterstock premium library if you use any Director Family 365 product.

That’s right. Those who own any software in the Director Suite 365 can access this expanded library for free with unlimited access and royalty-free. Additionally, the content is available for both personal and commercial use, so professionals and hobbyists alike will benefit. The library is accessible directly in the software’s library.

New ad templates for the PowerDirector 365 Business and the AdDirector app

CyberLink is also adding new ad templates to the PowerDirector 365 Business and the AdDirector app. In total, the company is inserting 600 pre-designed templates. With these many templates and full access to the Shutterstock library, it should be easier to create professional-level video advertisements using either software.

New updates coming to PowerDirector

Aside from expanding Shutterstock stock files and templates available to 365 products, CyberLink is also adding a few new features to PhotoDirector. Some of the new features include new photo editing features and user interface enhancements. There are also a few platform-specific updates for Windows and Mac. Here’s a rundown of all the updates coming to PowerDirector:

PhotoDirector 13

  • Light hit effects
  • Three-way color grading
  • Content-aware removal enhancement

PowerDirector for Mac

  • Blending effect
  • Simple Video Stabilizer
  • Masking: Create text, image, linear and parallel masks. Generate free form selection mask with keyframing.
  • Nested projects able to resize/rotate/freeform, etc.
  • Audio editor added DRC, EQ, Echo and Reverb

PowerDirector for PC

  • Mask Designer: Auto subject detection and selection tool (PowerDirector 365 only)
  • Auto image subject detection and selection – creates a mask and has brush tool to edit (PowerDirector 365 Business only)
  • Overall UX improvements


If you own any 365 products, you should have access to the Shutterstock library now. As for the two other updates (600 templates and PhotoDirector features), they all should be already integrated/accessible into your software.

Correction: previously, this blog stated CyberLink’s PowerDirector Suite 365 users had free access to the entire Shutterstock library. This information isn’t accurate and has been corrected. CyberLink’s PowerDirector Suite 365 users have access to an expanded, premium Shutterstock library. We apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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