PhotoDirector 365 now on Mac with Shutterstock integration

It’s finally here. PhotoDirector 365 is coming to Mac and it’s not coming alone. The subscription editing software comes with built-in Shutterstock integration.

“With the addition of PhotoDirector 365 for Mac, CyberLink’s customers have access to both PowerDirector (video editing) and PhotoDirector’s value-loaded subscription versions at competitive prices across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Chromebook. No other video and photo editing brand are available across ALL platforms,” CyberLink says.

PhotoDirector 365 on Mac breakdown

  • Access to Shutterstock’s content library
  • Add-on collections of free plugins, effects, background music, and sound clips
  • Video-to-photo tools: motion stills and multi-exposure images from video
  • Auto color enhancement
  • Preview cache engine
  • Volume (dB) meter for mixed main timeline (2ch and 5.1ch)
  • Title in-place edit and title mini editor
  • Mask position, scale, opacity, and rotation with keyframes
  • Video and audio in reverse
  • Motion graphics title (v2)
  • Particle designer (express mode)
  • Audio editor (pitch shift, vocal transformer, radio, phone)

Beyond the PhotoDirector 365 Mac version

Introducing the software to Mac is huge news. However, it’s not the only thing in the update. The update comes with a few new features and add-ons, according to the press release. Also, CyberLink enhanced the software’s interface.

New features coming to all PhotoDirector 365 versions

  • Auto color enhancement
  • Bokeh effect
  • Salient object segmentation

Specific updates to the PC version

  • CLUT strength adjustment
  • Video production with selected range of timeline
  • New color picker and dropper
  • Motion graphics title support for parameter grouping
  • One scene template support (PowerDirector 365 Business only)
  • UX improvements


The update is open to all PhotoDirector 365 owners right now.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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