Creamsource expands Vortex line

This week, Creamsource announced three new lights in the Vortex line of professional film and TV lighting fixtures. The new lights include two new soft lights, the Creamsource Vortex8 Soft and the Creamsource Vortex4 Soft, plus the powerful new Creamsource Vortex24. Let’s take a closer look at what these lights have to offer.

Three new Vortex lights

With these three new releases, Creamsource aims to diversify its product line while offering the same functionality and build quality as previous Vortex lights. That includes using the same RRGBB color engine, which mixes two different spectrums, each of red and blue LEDs, along with green and warm white LEDs. This allows for improved color quality and higher TLCI and CRI ratings. The new Creasource lights also employ the familiar CreamOS, making for easy integration into existing lighting setups.

Creamsource CEO Tama Berkeljon spoke to the Vortex evolution, saying, “We’re committed to delivering a familiar and user-friendly workflow at the quality our community expects. Our Vortex ecosystem is designed to be fuss-free, enabling filmmakers to concentrate on what they do best: creating.”

Vortex Softs

Creamsource Vortex4 Soft
Image courtesy: Creamsource

First up, the new Vortex8 Soft and Vortex4 Soft are the soft panel counterparts to the popular Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard light panels. These high-output soft panels use the same color engine and user interface as other Vortex lights. However, they are the first to offer dedicated soft light output.

The Vortex8 Soft can provide up to 650W of light output. The Vortex4 Soft has a maximum output of 325 W. Both lights allow for either flat panel diffuser and open-face setups. Likewise, both lights use the LNX system for building large light arrays with minimal cabling.

Key specs:

  • Photometrics V8S: 58,200 lumens. 2,340 lux @ 3 m (5,600 K, Open Face)
  • Photometrics V4S: 29,100 lumens. 1,180 lux @ 3 m (5,600 K, Open Face)
  • Beam angle: 110° (Half peak angle)
  • Light source: RRGBBW (red+deep red, green, blue+royal blue, white)


Creamsource Vortex24
Image courtesy: Creamsource

The third light released this week is the Creamsource Vortex24. This new light fixture triples the output of the original Vortex8, promising both power and precision. Creamsource says the larger form factor also makes rigging easier since it reduces the need for multiple units.

The Vortex24 has an output of 1,950 W with a 20-degree beam angle. With 24 directional pixel zones, the Vortex24 is capable of producing what Creamsource calls “dynamic and nuanced lighting effects.”

Plus, along with a built-in ballast for easier loading and setup, the light also comes equipped with dual Ethernet ports and a Gigabit switch. That means you can daisy-chain large lighting arrays together for more efficient light management.

Key specs:

  • Photometrics: 90,000 lumens. 27,560 lux @ 3m (5,600 K, Naked)
  • Beam angle: 20° (Half peak angle)
  • Weight and size: 53.5 kg / 117.9 lb, 1333 x 971 x 258mm / 52.5 inches x 38.2 inches x 10.2 inches (including yoke)
  • Light source: RRGBBW (red+deep red, green, blue+royal blue, white)

Pricing and availability

All three new Vortex lights are currently available for pre-order. For the Vortex8 Soft, you’ll pay around $4,500. The Votex4 Soft goes for $2,300. And, for the powerful Vortex24, you’ll need to shell out nearly $16,500.

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