Canon’s EOS Ra is made just for astrophotography

Canon has recently announced the EOS Ra full-frame mirrorless camera. This camera is a first for Canon; it’s a full-frame mirrorless camera designed specifically for astrophotography.

According to Canon, the EOS Ra, is “dedicated to deep sky and night sky photography.” Now, this camera may not be the next big mirrorless camera, since it has such a specific audience and use. However, it could be a very good option for those working in astrophotography or things related to shooting the night sky.

EOS Ra overview

The camera is built off of the EOS R system, according to Canon. However, it does add a few new features. For instance, it includes “four times greater transmittance of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) light of 656.3 nm” compared to the original EOS R.

Canon EOS Ra
Canon EOS Ra

“For astrophotographers and hobbyists who enjoy capturing the detailed splendor of the night sky, the new EOS Ra will be an ideal camera to shoot with,” Canon’s press release reads.

Additionally, the camera has 30x magnification in both the EVF and LCD. So you should be able to achieve precise focusing in the sky.

How is it at shooting video?

Inside the EOS Ra, there’s a 30.3MP CMOS sensor and it’s capable of shooting 4K time-lapse video. Canon also promises high-precision electronic viewfinder, high-sensitivity and low-noise performance. Also, there’s an optional AC adapter kit that allows the camera to be powered through an AC wall outlet or a battery-powered inverter, in addition to a BG-E22 battery grip and three EF-EOS R mount adapter.

What lenses does the camera support?

The camera supports all Canon RF lenses. There is also an option to use an EF-EOS R mount adapter for EF and EF-S lenese. That’s over 70 lenses from the EF and RF series.

Pricing and availability

The Canon EOS Ra full-frame mirrorless camera will be out in mid-December for $2,499. You can learn more at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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