Become a better filmmaker with The Videomaker Podcast

Just in time for the holidays, we are proud to announce the launch of The Videomaker Podcast. With three episodes out now, we’re just getting started.

The Videomaker Podcast is for anyone and everyone who wants to make better video or become a better filmmaker. We here at Videomaker whole-heartedly believe in freedom of expression. It is essential for human progress. We also believe free societies are better off when more people can express themselves through video. As our latest venture, the Videomaker Podcast continues our commitment to making video accessible to everyone.

What to expect from the Videomaker Podcast

We’ve crafted our podcast to be friendly for both beginning videographers and seasoned pros. There’s something for everyone. In each episode, we will discuss our take on current events in the video industry while also sharing some expert advice. For instance, in our first podcast, we take a look at the new Mavic Mini and speculate who might buy the upcoming Canon 1DX Mark III.

The Videomaker Podcast hosts
The Videomaker Podcast is hosted by (left to right) Managing Editor Nicole LaJeunesse, Editor-in-Chief Mike Whilhelm, and Multimedia Editor Chris Monlux

We also invite industry veterans to join us and share their insights. We interview pro video producers, filmmakers, photographers and more about everything from their personal career path to specific events trending in the video industry. Recently, we had on Development Manager Andy Shoemaker from Videomaker’s sibling non-profit: OMPT.

For the typical setup, the Videomaker Podcast hosts include Videomaker’s Editor-in-Chief Mike Whilhelm, Managing Editor Nicole LaJeunesse and Multimedia Editor Chris Monlux. However, look out for guest-host appearances from our local video production community.

Where can you start listening?

You can listen to The Videomaker Podcast for free on iTunes and Spotify, so you can listen to all of Videomaker’s conversations right now without having to spend a dime.

And keep an eye for new Videomaker podcasts. We will be releasing new episodes every week. So, get comfy during the holidays and improve your video production knowledge and skills.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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