Atomos delivers ProRes RAW recording for Nikon Z7 and Z6 at CES 2019

Atomos today revealed that the Ninja V monitor/recorder can capture video from the Nikon Z7 and Z6 in Apple’s ProRes RAW video format via HDMI.

That’s right. The full-frame mirrorless cameras — with Atomos’ 4K HDR monitor/recorder — will be able to output ProRes RAW video over HDMI. Up to this point, RAW recording required an SDI connection.

Atomos said the partnership is meant to help creators looking to add the elusive cinematic quality to their work. ProRes RAW will surely help those looking to beef up the cinematic quality to their videos since it preserves the maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and detail. Colors can also be matched more easily and more information in the footage can be edited in post. If you want to read about more benefits ProRes RAW has to offer, go here.

“Capturing Apple ProRes RAW video with the Ninja V unlocks complete control over the video image at the highest quality possible,” Atomos said in a press release.

How it all works

Nikon’s camera’s output RAW data through a 4K HDMI cable to the Ninja V. After that, the data is repacked into the ProRes Raw format and put onto an SSD drive in the Ninja. From there, the drive can be removed and connected to a PC through USB.

Once connected the footage can be decoded and edited in the “highest possible quality.”

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said: “It’s a really exciting time for high-quality cinematic video on every platform, from Facebook to Netflix. Our customers are increasingly making their livings creating this content, and we love giving them the affordable tools they need to do it. Our $695 Ninja V delivers better image quality without sacrificing amazing features like autofocus and high megapixel stills. Through partnering with great companies like Nikon, we have built solutions that are easy to use and look great.”

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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