6 reasons to be excited about the new LNX rigging system for Vortex lights

Cinema lighting manufacturer Creamsource has announced an entirely new rigging system for the company’s Vortex range of LED film lights. It’s called LNX, which is pronounced “Lynx.”

Here are six reasons to find out more about LNX:

The LNX is quick to build

Creamsource has designed LNX to be the quick solution for creating large rigs from smaller fixtures. You can quickly assemble uniform and aligned arrays of Vortex lights using the LNX system. There will also be a minimal gap between units. LNX is easy to use as there is no alignment time, no measurement time and you get tidy cable runs.

The LNX is ready for heavy use

Creamsouce LNX rigging system for Vortex lights red
Image courtesy: Creamsource

Creamsource says that LNX lighting arrays will withstand heavy use. They give examples of transport and relocation, high vibration levels and wind loading. The system is built for heavy use, indoors or extreme outdoors.

Safety first with the LNX

The system is built around multiple mount points. This means it is more robust and reliable than traditional single-point fixture rigging. There are multiple latches and auto-locking features which ensure the safety of operators and anyone under the rig.

Unlimited arrays

With the system, you can build anything from a small rig with only two units up to as large an array as you need. Creamsource state that there is no limit to how many lights you can rig together. The only limit is your ability to lift the rig.

Vortex8 upgrade program

Creamsource is going to run a free hardware upgrade for legacy Vortex8 owners. This means that they will receive the new corner block with every purchase of the LNX system. Creamsource will make more information about the upgrade program available soon.

The launch video

Creamsouce LNX rigging system for Vortex lights in use
Image courtesy: Creamsource

Creamsource’s launch video for LNX is a short film called SEPPUKU. It may not be suitable for a younger audience or viewers with a nervous disposition as it is quite gory. However, it is one of the best and most surreal product launch videos you will see this year.

Pricing and availability

Creamsource will announce shipping timelines and pricing for LNX later this year.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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