Final Cut Pro for Windows: Can you run FCP on Windows?

Once considered the gold standard of video editing software, Final Cut Pro is a powerful, versatile video editing software. The current version, Final Cut Pro X, has kept up with the functionality that professional editors expect from Apple. However, Final Cut Pro X is an app design specifically for Mac, so Windows users haven’t had the luxury of using the program. Many are wondering if it is possible to get Final Cut Pro on Windows 10. We will answer that right now.

Is it possible to get Final Cut Pro on Windows?

We’ll be upfront with you. No. It isn’t possible to run Final Cut Pro on Windows. Final Cut Pro is designed only for Apple operating systems and can only run on Apple devices. As great as it would be to have Final Cut Pro open to all users, it isn’t possible at this time. Apple has coded the software to only work with iOS. The coding isn’t compatible with any Windows-based system. However, we’re not saying it’s technically impossible for Final Cut Pro to come to Windows. It would just require Apple to code a version that would work on Windows. Sadly, that’s not looking like something Apple is interested in.

Regardless of how clear it is that Final Cut Pro is only made for Mac, there is misleading information out there that makes people think otherwise. For instance, you can run a search on the Windows Store and you will get a few results for Final Cut Pro. Some of the results may look promising and others might even be named Final Cut Pro. However, these programs are not the real deal. Often they aren’t even video editing programs. They’re usually operating guides for using Final Cut Pro. So, while it might seem like you can have the program on Windows if you do a quick search, the definitive answer right now is: you can’t.

Alternatives to Final Cut Pro

While you can’t use Final Cut Pro on a Windows device, there are still plenty of alternatives that work just as good, if not better, than Final Cut Pro. The top three alternatives to Final Cut Pro are Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16.

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer
Image courtesy: Avid Technology

One of the most widely used video editors today, Avid Media Composer is a powerful alternative to Final Cut Pro. It’s a well-rounded tool that is a strong choice for editors need to get projects done on a deadline. Now, it doesn’t have the best flexibility reputation. Many other editing solutions are more flexible than Avid Media Composer. Regardless, it’s still a great alternative because it can provide fast and consistent turnarounds. Currently, it supports up to 4K resolution and many other formats natively.

Pricewise, it does differ from Final Cut Pro X. There are a few different payment options you can choose. To start, there is a free version that’s referred to as the starter version. It is a limited version though. If you want to full version, you have the option to pay either $19 per month in a 12-month commitment or pay $24.99 if you go month-to-month.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro
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Probably the most well-known editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro is truly an industry-leading software. It’s a typical favorite of most enthusiasts and professionals. It offers a full and robust toolkit that allows you to edit audio, titles, graphics, and conduct color correction and compositing. Additionally, it’s powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s built-in AI that speeds up the entire workflow. It’s likely the go-to Final Cut Pro alternative for many Windows users. One of the major benefits of Premiere Pro is its seamless compatibility with other Adobe programs. So, You can do work in Premiere Pro and also work on the project in Adobe After Effects or Audition.

You can subscribe to Premiere Pro CC for $21 per month. Note that the price just covers Premiere Pro. If you want to gain access to all the Adobe programs, that will cost $53 per month.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
Image courtesy: Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is another great alternative to Windows users. DaVinci Resolve is a highly versatile software. It combines 8K editing, color correction, video effects, and audio post-production all into one solution. Additionally, you can use the software that can be used for multi-user collaboration. So, editors, colorists, VFX artists, and sound designers all can work on the same project remotely. The software offers many useful tools like facial recognition and speed warp. You can adjust the clips right in the timeline and upload the project directly yo YouTube and Vimeo.

One of the great things about Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is that it’s free. There is however an optional Studio upgrade that gives you more. The studio upgrade is $300.

Choose what software fits your needs

While Windows users might not be able to use Final Cut Pro there are still many great alternatives out there. Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 are all worthy alternatives for Windows video enthusiasts and pros. Which one you choose depends on your needs and budget. You can check out our video editing software buyer’s guide for a more in-depth look at the top software currently available.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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