The best phone cases for videography right now

Your smartphone is more than just a device for calls and texts. It’s also a powerful camera that fits right in your pocket. But, to make the most of its capabilities, you need the right phone case for videography. This doesn’t just mean protecting your phone from drops or scratches. It’s also about finding a case that helps you shoot the best video possible. 

In this article, we will guide you through the top phone cases for different types of videography. Whether you’re filming action-packed outdoor scenes, capturing the beauty of underwater landscapes or just looking for a versatile all-rounder, we’ve got you (and your phone) covered.

Best outdoor/action phone cases

Rokform Rugged Series

Image courtesy: Rokform

They call themselves “Rugged” for a reason. For videographers who need top-notch protection in extreme environments, the Rokform Rugged Series cases stand out.

Rugged cases feature a durable polycarbonate build that’s reinforced by rubberized edges, providing a robust layer of protection for your phone. This hard-wearing material protects your phone from harsh weather, while also exceeding military drop-test standards. These cases also feature a kickstand for convenient video viewing and a magnet for mounting to any magnetic surface.

Located at the back of the case, the Twist Lock is a circular groove that allows for quick and secure attachment to a variety of separately sold Rokform mounts. With a simple twist, your phone is securely locked in place for easy vehicle mounting.

Courtesy: ROKFORM

Combined with its top-notch protection and durable materials, the Rugged cases are optimal choices for outdoor and action videography.

Best waterproof phone cases


Image courtesy: Catalyst

Underwater videography presents its own unique set of challenges, the most obvious being the need to keep your phone dry. You also need to consider factors like pressure changes, ease of camera access and the quality of the lens cover. These challenges make it crucial to select a phone case designed specifically for underwater use. Catalyst delivers in this realm with their award-winning waterproof cases that have been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, GQ and more.

Catalyst cases provide all the specific needs of underwater videography. These cases have an IP68 rating, the highest rating for waterproof protection. Catalyst cases will protect phones in depths as deep as 33 feet fully submerged. This protection not only extends to water but also from a variety of other elements, such as snow, dirt and sand.

In addition to safeguarding against environmental elements, Catalyst cases also provide great drop protection capabilities. Their MIL-STD-810G rating means that phones equipped with Catalyst cases can withstand major drops and harsh environmental conditions. And it comes with a wrist lanyard.

Most functional phone cases for videography

PolarPro LiteChaser Pro

Courtesy: PolarPro

When it comes to phone cases tailored for videographers, the Polar Pro LiteChaser Pro is a top-tier option that seamlessly integrates functionality with the needs of video enthusiasts.

Besides providing strong protection from falls and the elements, the appeal of the Polar Pro LiteChaser Pro for videographers lies in its thoughtful design and features that enhance video quality. This case features a variety of videography-centric elements, including multiple mounting points for accessories. This is great for attachments such as lights, microphones and tripods. PolarPro offers customizable cases on their website, allowing you to pick and choose features for your needs. This allows videographers to transform their smartphones into versatile and capable video rigs.

However, the most notable aspect of the LiteChaser Pro is its compatibility with Polar Pro’s lineup of high-quality filters. These filters are renowned for their ability to enhance the visual appeal of videos, and the LiteChaser Pro cases are designed to accommodate them seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, adjust exposure or add creative effects to your videos, these filters can significantly elevate your videography.

The combination of the LiteChaser Pro case and Polar Pro filters unlocks a world of creative possibilities for videographers. With the ability to easily switch between different filters and fine-tune your shots, you’ll have the tools needed to produce cinematic-quality videos right from your smartphone.

Most versatile phone cases For videography


Image courtesy: SUPCASE

Unfortunately, many of the previously featured cases only support a limited number of devices. We chose the SUPCASE UB Pro because of its all-encompassing solution for protection and convenience that supports a wide array of devices. 

First of all these cases look tough, and SUPCASE backs it up with true performance. These cases are built like tanks, offering rugged, military-grade defense for your devices. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, watch, laptop or even a Stream Deck, these cases provide 360-degree protection. They do this with an array of features, including shock-absorbing bumpers, durable polycarbonate shells, and reinforced corners. 

Videographers in the field will appreciate the thoughtful design elements that make the SUPCASE UB series perfect for video viewing. Depending on the model, the SUPCASE UB Pro offers built-in kickstands, screen protectors and belt clips. Furthermore, the UB MAG XT has a built-in camera cover that also doubles as a multi-angle kickstand. The MAG XT also supports MagSafe for wireless charging.

There you have it. If you’re a mobile filmmaker, you need to make sure your phone is protected. All of these cases are great options. However, depending on your use case, you will have to pick the one that is right for your needs and budget (as well as your phone model). There are many great phone cases out there, so if any of these cases don’t work for you, there is surely another option out there.

Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry is a multimedia producer and audiovisual technician at California State University, Chico.

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