How Intel’s Powerful New Core i9 Processor is Revolutionizing Video Workflow

Taylor Jackson has been a professional wedding photographer and videographer for over half a decade. In that time, he’s traveled the world, started a YouTube channel and shot countless weddings. He needs to use the best computer technology out there to be able to efficiently edit his work and share it with the world, without sacrificing creativity.

From ‘Button Presser’ to Wedding Photographer Master

Today, Jackson is a professional at his craft, but he’s had to work hard to get to that level. Jackson’s few first gigs as a wedding photographer were far from his best projects. “The first three weddings that I shot, I absolutely hate,” Jackson admits. “I was really just a button presser to them.” But after he shot a friends wedding, he discovered capturing weddings could be one of the most fun experience you can have with a camera. It was then he decided he needed to be doing wedding photography full-time.

From there, everything started to fall into place for Jackson. People began to take notice notice of his work and he got hired more frequently. “I went from 20 weddings up to 50 weddings the following year,” Jackson said.

And it didn’t take long for Jackson to branch out into video. It was in 2013 that Jackson started to do both photo and video at weddings by himself.

Traveling Around the Globe

Jackson had entered a great time in his professional career: “During that time, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and in between those shoots, I started filming video content for YouTube,” Jackson says. His YouTube channel’s main goal is to provide photographers with practical photography tips and inspire them to travel with their cameras — just like he was doing.

He’s been fortunate enough to travel to places like New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, Antarctica and everywhere in between. But even in such photogenic locations, the key is still to tell the best story possible. Technology can’t hold him back.

Render times are a big deal

When all the fun of shooting is done and it’s time to start editing, Jackson needs a powerful computer that can handle large, high-resolution photo and video files. “We create so much data as we shoot,” Jackson says. He currently uses a system with Intel’s i9 X-series processor and it’s given him access to power he’s never had before. “I used to have to edit with proxies,” Jackson says. Simply put, it’s revolutionized his workflow.

The Intel Core i9 X-series processor has given him faster rendering speeds compared to his past systems.Thankfully, he no longer has to edit with proxies. His projects are now of the highest possible quality and his workflow is considerably quicker.

No more missed deadlines

Jackson can now also quickly access his high-quality files with Intel Optane Memory. His experience with Optane Memory has been incredible; he no longer misses deadlines.

And since Jackson is always on the move — going to the amazing places he that does for his YouTube channel — it’s essential that he can edit projects stored externally. And with Thunderbolt 3 he’s able to do that. “ … when I’m traveling, with Thunderbolt 3 I could even edit off an external drive,” says Jackson.

Never let technology hold you back

Jackson has been all over the world. However, there’s still many inspiring experiences awaiting him. Intel’s Core i9 X-series processor, Optane Memory and Thunderbolt 3 will ensure that he can continue to share those experiences with the rest of the world.

“I’m a creative and I don’t want technology to hold me back from creating my best work possible,” Jackson says.

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