Bogen/Manfrotto Tripod 501HDV Kit Review
Renaissance Shooting (in Hi-Def) The 501HDV tripod head is an elegant and useful update to the well-known Bogen/Manfrotto tripod 501 series. Paired with the 351MVB2 legs, it's ready to support your larger HDV camcorders with relative ease. But don't let the name fool you; this model performs with DV camcorders...
In our "Hands On" segment, Mark has Bogen's newest Manfrotto HDV 501 tripod, designed with the larger HD camcorders in mind.
Manfrotto 560B Monopod Review
My 'Pod When is a 'pod not a tripod? When it's a monopod, of course. When does a monopod have one leg and three feet? When it's the 560B by Manfrotto. We couldn't help but have fun with this valuable camcorder accessory when it arrived at the Videomaker Headquarters. From following...
Indie-Dolly Systems Universal Dolly with Curved Track Kit Review
$1,599 Indie-Dolly Systems 820 Thompson Ave. #26 Glendale, CA 91201 (323) 467-6160 The Dolly Shot Every videographer knows the value of a steady truck or dolly shot. But not every videographer has the budget to obtain the expensive moving equipment. And if you're anything like me, effectively achieving these professional shots without the aide...
DV Caddie DVCA-CK1 | Primera disc duplicator
DV CaddieDV Caddie's DVCA-CK1 combines the DVCA-SR2 shoulder rest and DVCA-JR1 stabilizer. The combination is said to effectively distribute the weight of the camera equally between the shoulders, reducing fatigue. The contact points on the hip and shoulder are designed to increase stability while the handles allow greater control. (818)...
Manfrotto 745B/701RC Tripod Kit Review
$468 Bogen Imaging Inc. 565 E. Crescent Ave. Ramsey, NJ 07446 3 For the Money Shot The Manfrotto name has been present since the birth of video production. And if you've been shooting video for a while, you're already familiar with their its quality products. The Manfrotto 745B/701RC tripod kit is...
Davis Sanford Provista Airlift Tripod with FM18 Head Tripod Review
Solid as a Rock A solid foundation for good video production should be built on, well, a solid foundation. And investing in a sturdy tripod is one of the best ways to increase the professional look of your wedding, industrial or educational productions. The problem with most heavy-duty tripods is...
Test Bench: Manfrotto 754 MDeVe Carbon Fiber Tripod and 501 Fluid Head
The number one accessory that we would recommend for your camcorder is a decent tripod. If you budget is extremely tight, a cheapie from the MegaMart is better than nothing, but a good tripod with a true fluid head will never let you down. And your tripod will probably...


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