CobraCrane 5237 Track Dolly

The CobraCrane 5237 tracking dolly allows you to produce smooth footage and still photography shots on any surface, and this particular model is ideal for use on any ground, from gravel or grass to dirt and snow. It provides stable, smooth motion with the self-centring, self-aligning wheels, which do not require you to make adjustments as you move from one type of surface to another. Twelve bearings allow the camera to move fluidly, so there are no wobbles in your footage.

The CobraCrane 5237 tracking dolly is excellent for producing depth of field shots – all you need to do is place your subject in the center of your view and move backwards. The dolly will ensure that the camera remains stable and that the motion is fluid. For producing dramatic close-up shots, you simply need to follow this process in reverse.

This is a professional quality dolly with a sturdy metal construction which feels solid enough to support just about any camera. It has a quick-lock tripod mounting that is able to secure a wide range of tripods, both with and without spiked feet. This makes set-up extremely quick and easy, which is always a consideration when you are moving locations during filming.

The CobraCrane 5237 tracking dolly runs on 2 inch PVC track, which is also available to buy separately as an accessory. Alternatively, it is possible to build your own track from a section of 2 inch PVC, though obviously the smooth flow of the shots cannot be guaranteed with this. The small size of this dolly (29 inches wide) makes it extremely versatile as it will fit through a standard doorway so that you can follow the action as it unfolds, without needing to pause in your filming and set up your equipment again, a clear benefit for any filmmaker short on time.

Product Sepcs and Highlights

  • Construction: Metal
  • Runs on 2″ PVC
  • Wheel Diameter: 2″
  • Wheel Lock: No
  • Cable Guards: No
  • Mounts to Tripod
  • Dimensions: Dolly: 29″ x 29″
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Price $267.50


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