Steadicam Scout HD

If what you’re looking for a something that’s affordable, flexible, functional, and stylish than the Steadicam Scout HD is right up your alley. The Steadicam Scout HD takes several innovative and creative features from many of the other popular and award-winning video stabilization systems that this company has released in the past and combines them in a way that creates a truly remarkable product.

The Steadicam Scout HD now allows you to enjoy the benefits of a full range of operating possibilities. This product takes a fresh and innovative approach at the standard designed for a camera stabilizer. The Steadicam Scout HD system has an incomparable level of quality and includes every possible feature you could potentially require in order to complete virtually any job. You can enjoy all of this, from the Steadicam Scout HD at an affordable price.

The Steadicam Scout HD features all of the standard video input and output connectors as well as a three pin power in/out connectors that you would expect it to. Also featured is inertial control and adjustability as well as balance control. This stabilizer is V-lock battery compatible and has a telescopic carbon fiber main post with an internal safety line.

If you want to make sure that your video is stable and your expensive equipment is safe and sound than the Steadicam Scout HD is definitely what you’re looking for. On-the-fly weight adjustments and tool free arm supports make this product is easy to use.

Product Features:

  • 5 to18 pounds camera payload capacity
  • No tools adjustable iso-elastic arm
  • Inertial control and dynamically adjustable base
  • Dual-axis Vernier and adjustable stage
  • BNC – RCA / RCA – BNC Adaptor
  • Standard 3- pin power in/out connector
  • Balance control via standard ¼-20 mounting hole
  • Active Matrix 16:9/4:3 Color LCD Monitor
  • Optional 7 inch composite, HD/SDI LCD
  • Delrin Knurled Gimbal Handle
  • Camera Mounting Chassis/Removable Sled
  • Telescoping Centerpost (18.5-32″)
  • Compact Vest / AB Battery Mount
  • Docking Bracket / Dovetail Plate

Price: $7,095


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