Redrock Micro microShoulderMount Deluxe Bundle

When it comes to professional video making, quality plays a pivotal role. Sometimes even good equipment may yield mediocre results. Camera shakes induced during moving shots is one of the most obvious reasons for this. A number of products that provide stability to the camera even while moving are available in the market. The microShoulder Mount Deluxe Bundle is one such product. It is a camera support system that is mounted on the shoulder of the user to allow for smooth pan and tilt movements while the user is mobile.

On the 18 inch rods runs the shoulder support upon which the camera is mounted. As most of the weight of the system will be supported on the shoulder of the user, the support has been padded to provide comfort. Rubber grips allow for comfortable clutching of the handle bars while holding the rig.

One of the most prominent features of the shoulder mount bundle is the capability of adjusting the system to suit the user’s taste. The position of the handle bars, handle bar rods and the shoulder support can be adjusted as desired. Once adjustment have been made, their positions are fixed in placed by simply flipping the clamps into the lock position. For readjustments, the clamp can be easily flipped to the un-lock position. These flip clamps eliminate the need to carry any tools, save precious time and make the system more ergonomic.

The system is not limited to mounting a camera only. A number of different accesories such as electronic view finder, counter weights etc. can be attached to add versatility to the rig. Accessories like microMount, additional rod clamps, microLink4 facilitate the use of additional equipment on the system.


  • One rod clamp
  • Two handles with rubber grips
  • Handle bar clamps
  • One handlebar rod (4 inch long)
  • One handlebar rod (8 inch long)
  • Two carbon fiber rods (18 inch long and 15 mm in diameter)
  • Price: $568


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