Things Have Sure changed Over the Years!

How Time Does Fly!

I'm thumbing through my copy of your Premiere Issue, Vol. 1, Number 1 (1986.) That same year, I became fascinated with the possibilities of producing video, and your magazine came along at exactly the right time. I gleaned all I could about formats, camcorder makers, etc. That same year, I decided on the 8mm VideoAF from Sony, and the rest is history! Three years later I had progressed to S-VHS, had discovered "prosumer" camcorders and decks, had acquired an Amiga 500 for titling. I started my own video business, producing real estate videos, school reunions, and finally settling on weddings. Over the following 10 years or so my equipment lineup advanced into professional level cameras and editing gear. I credit your magazine with providing the incentive and information which probably made my whole video career happen. Thanks!

Gary Smith

Rock -n- Rollin' with Videomaker

I have been a subscriber to Videomaker from issue number one and through your monthly "Viewfinder" articles, I feel that I have gotten to know you as a friend in the business.

I was the lead guitarist for the rock group Bill Haley and the Comets from 1960 until 1967. After I left "the road," I became a private guitar instructor. Guitar students came
to me for private lessons, and back in 1986 when the first issue of Videomaker went into circulation, my company was focused on the "Special Event" market. We advertised our cassettes in the classified sections of publications aimed towards would-be guitar players, and to our surprise and joy, IT SOLD!

When Videomaker was first published in 1986, I knew that it was just the periodical we needed to help us advance our business. Thanks for being there for K-Video. You will never know just how much your publication has benefited my company over the last two decades!

PLEASE…let us have TWO MORE!

John Kay

K-Video founder and president

Learning New Tricks

One of the wonderful things about video is that anyone at any age can tackle a project if they have the will to do it. Six years ago, at age 60, I retired from a career in education. After picking up Videomaker, I decided to get involved in a video project – mostly to keep the mind active. After getting a subscription to Videomaker, and knowing absolutely nothing about video, I bought a Hi8 video camera and my first editing suite. A few cameras later, and after many upgrades to computers and editing suites, I recently finished a four DVD series entitled Gouthro's Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling. It was a huge project with many hours of study and uphill learning curves. I attribute much of the project’s success to Videomaker Magazine–there were always articles that seemed to point me in the right direction. Frankly, I never had so much fun in my life. You helped allow an old 'dog' to learn new tricks.

Alex Gouthro

Teaching Tool for Future Videographers

When I left the professional world of commercial broadcasting over 30 years ago, I waited for someone to come along who would have the vision to see what was coming! Videomaker did that and continues to do so. I have been with you since the beginning and have passed your publication on to many a young person coming through the doors of our Public Access Studio where I volunteer my time. Some of them have gone on to rewarding, professional careers in video production or journalism. Thank you for helping me help them to fulfill their dreams in a once exclusive field.

James Cornell

Wants 20 More Years

I started reading your magazine when I was 13 in 8th grade! Here I am, about to turn 30 and I still get a glow of excitement when I see that the new issue has arrived each month! While I've gone through high school, graduated from college, and even completed a masters in Instructional Technology, I attribute my education in video production to your magazine. I teach high school video production and I tell my students your magazine is their bible! I look forward to another 20 years!

Brian Martin

video production instructor

Broughton High School

Raleigh, NC

No Color – No Cassettes – No Camcorders – No Computers

My first experience with a video camera was in 1977 while working as a talent agent in the Detroit market. The agency bought a black & white open reel-to-reel video tape recorder with a separate camera connected to the tabletop recorder via a video cable. It was probably the first consumer video recording equipment available. No built-in mic; you just plugged in an unbalanced mic of your choice for audio. The whole set-up was heavy and bulky, but I was hooked for life. I used it to record "live" performances of acts to help sell these acts to entertainment buyers.

"We've come a long way, baby."

Frank Groth

Videomaker in Space?

In 1986, I was a Missile Cameraman at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (I shot the photo of the Shuttle Columbia on Pad 39 at night.) I have been a long time reader of Videomaker. I especially like the reviews of new equipment, software programs and the how-to articles. Even us old timers can still learn a few things from your great staff and contributing editors.

Frank Grimaldi

14 years later, writing for Videomaker

I found Videomaker magazine in 1992. I was in college and many of my friends were film majors. I was moved by their accomplishments but daunted by the time and expense. I realized I could buy a video camera for what it would cost me to make a 10-minute black and white silent movie. Videomaker helped me pick out my camera, my lights, and eventually my editing system.

Fourteen years later, it's where I still turn to find out about new trends and equipment.

Kyle Cassidy

Videomaker contributing editor

Keep it Up!

Thank you Matt York, for starting and keeping this wonderful magazine going, that has brought so much information about video to so many people for 20 years. I've been to one of your workshops and have met a lot of the people that work for the magazine. I honestly can say, I've learned most of what I know about video from you. I use those principles daily on my shoots. It's good solid stuff and if you want to have one place to look at cutting edge equipment, share thoughts and ideas with other videographers or even “wannabes”, this is the place to go.

Thank you Matt, for having the insight to put together a magazine that would bring a heretofore almost untouchable profession into the lives and living rooms of the average "man on the street.

Matt and Videomaker helped bridge that gap and show us "regular guys" out here, "Hey, maybe I could put something together that is decent," not just some boring home video that puts everyone to sleep as they all run for the hills on some holiday when you show up with a hand full of "home videos." Keep it up, Matt! You're doing great.

Marc Trainor

Congrats on the Milestone!

As a long time subscriber, Videomaker has helped shape my foundation for making amusing videos with a flair and meaning. I learned from the many insightful articles and Expo programs , from how to improve the shoot to final production, and find continuing joy in doing video projects.

Starting and stumbling with Hi8 and evolving to Mini DV, Videomaker was there to ease the transition through equipment reviews, shooting techniques, creating unique visuals and surviving the editing stint! I discovered the effective use of audio with visuals in structuring a story with meaning as well as, making it appealing for the viewer. This valued help by your magazine also required some obsession and inspiration in using the best equipment we all have our head, heart and hands!

A few of my modest projects include WWII veteran interviews for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress, artist profiles to teach children inspiration and creativeness, and travel documentaries with tour groups.

At 81, I have few computer skills and use the Screenplay system by Applied Magic. I learned about Applied Magic at the Burbank Expos. I am grateful for Videomaker magazine. I devour each issue along with attending the Expos. Videomaker has been in the forefront of industry changes and has done a commendable job of helping video folks like myself.

Jason Hailey

Videomaker in South America

I have in my hands a Videomaker issue from November 1996. I bought it about 1999, in a second hand store, in Rosario, Argentina, my home town. I always go there straight to the place of books and magazines in English. It's good to practice, and I was amazed at how down-to-earth and complete were the articles, aimed so much to prosumers like me. I bought all the Videomaker they had in the shop, and read them up and down. I read them aloud to my husband, translating directly.

On your Web site we found all the best advice to buy a computer. Now I receive the magazine every month at home. I'd love to attend the Videomaker workshops; pity I live so far! I learn a lot from you every month, and intend to go on in the next 20 years!

Sonia Helman

Rosario, Argentina

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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