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It is virtually impossible to start and stop a zoom perfectly smoothly, but the Manfrotto 522 LANC Remote Control gets pretty close. Because of the relatively large play of the zoom knob, you can make almost imperceptible zooms that will build tension in your scene subconciously. Owners of Sony and Canon camcorders (equipped with LANC connections) who seek studio style zoom control, will love the 522 lens controller.

The Manfrotto 522 controller is a solid metal, 0.85-lbs, 15-inch long (when not extended) tripod arm. The 522 controller has a handful of commonly used functions such as start/stop recording, zoom, focus, even backlight and photo buttons.

The best part of the 522 isn’t the controls themselves, (your camcorder’s remote control almost certainly has all of these buttons on it.) The 522 is outstanding because it is well designed and is natural and comfortable to use. From the quality padding on the grip to the telescopic arm that fits into the video head of a tripod, this product screams "pro," and its performance lives up to the expectation.


Functions: Power, Pause/Record, Backlight, Focus, Toggle Auto/Manual Focus, 8-step Zoom, Photo capture, Fader

Connection: LANC (wired)


  • Very comfortable
  • Well machined
  • Smooth zoom control


  • Professional price


    A professional product whose performance lives up to the expectation.

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