Toshiba Camileo S30 Pocket Camcorder Reviewed

Synonymous with laptops, Toshiba has now added the Camileo S30, a simple and easy to use pocket camcorder, to it’s technology family. The large lens at one end of the camera, along with it’s wide flip screen, are this camera’s most defining features.

Quick ‘n Easy

The Camileo S30 boasts clearly marked buttons and it’s you can become familiarize with it quite quickly. It’s roughly cellphone size, making it pocket-friendly. Flipping up the LCD touch screen monitor is necessary to record video, and powers the camcorder on and off. The menu must be viewed on the LCD screen, while the operation buttons, such as record, can be found on the spine. Operating the Camileo S30 tends to require two hands and any button presses are well recorded on the built in mic. Sliding the zoom is rarely smooth, but is fairly clear through two-thirds of it. The Camileo S30 also compensates decently for camera shake, but operator movement is recorded from the mic and it is hard to monitor since there is no headphone jack.

Some bonuses are that the Camileo S30 is also an 8MP still photo camera and comes with its own mini tripod.

User Friendly

We found the Camileo S30 user friendly for the video novice, but the menu navigation was somewhat difficult. The audio is hard to manage and lacks audio playback control. The size, on the other hand, is one of its best qualities, while the image quality makes it attractive and affordable as a full HD camcorder for $180. The result is a solid competitor in the pocket camcorder market.

Tech Specs


Image Sensor: 8MP CMOS Sensor

Interchangeable Lenses: No

Lens f-stop: Fixed f/2.5

Optical Zoom: No

Focus: Auto (macro/landscape)

Iris/Gain Control: No

Shutter Speed:Auto

Image Stabilization: Electronic

Internal ND Filter: No

Manual White Balance: Yes

Zebra Stripes: No

Viewfinder: No

LCD Monitor: 3″ (16:9)

Progressive Scan: No

Video In: No

Video Out: HDMI, Composite, USB port

Color Bar Generator: No

Microphone In: No

Manual Audio Level Controls: No

Headphone Jack: No

Speaker: Yes

Wireless Remote: No

External Battery Charger Provided: No

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Disc Loading Config.: No

Accessory Shoe: No


  • Good clarity in images
  • Allows overall control through camera features and accessories


  • No audio control
  • Limited zoom
  • Some difficulty navigating the menus


The Camileo S30 will fit the pockets of many videographers looking for a portable option.

Toshiba America, Inc

1251 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 4110

New York, NY 10020


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