Getting into GPUs

Getting into GPUs


i was hoping for a little

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i was hoping for a little bit more specific information. I am currently in the market for a new imac and have been trying to find out if an i5 processor would be enough to handle video editing and graphics or would i better shelling out the extra 150.00 for the i7.

Compare Current Gaming vs Workstation Cards?

I was hoping to see a professional compare performance of several of the mid to upper price range gaming video cards with some of the higher priced (but much lower powered) GeForce and Quadro cards. A GTX 780 card with 2304 CUDA cores, 3GB Memory and a core clock to 941MHz can be had for just under $500. An AMD R-9-290A can be had for $470 with 2560 stream processors 4GB memory and core clock of 947MHz.


To make the idea of using gaming cards for video editing even more enticing, I read an article recently that arithmetic changes on the newer AMD cards could make them a real performance threat to the workstation video cards. I’d love to see a review by an unbiased expert.