Chimera Window Pattern Kit Series I and II

Adding backgrounds to a video shoot will increase the quality of the finished video and insure that your video doesn’t look amateurish or unprofessional. Many producers look to add quality interview props and backgrounds to their video equipment arsenal. The Chimera window kit is one such item that will add the quality you desire and with the least amount of effort.

In Series I the kit includes patterns of horizontal blinds, graduated vertical blinds, cuculoris patterns, Leaf patterns, palm leaf and french doors.

In Series II the kit includes patterns of columns, half dome, domino, sun scratch, open window and split door.

Easy to Use

These window patterns are very easy and convenient to use and won’t slow you down when setting up your video set. The window patterns are designed to work with Chimera Panel Frames. Applying the patterns to the Chimera Panel Frame is simple. They attach with Velcro, so if switching the background pattern during a busy video shoot is needed, it will be a breeze and will not take up valuable time. The Chimera Panel Frame is included, along with a cloth duffel bag, so portability is not an issue.

Versatile Kit

These window patterns can be used with color gels, as well as both strobe and continuous lights, allowing you the ability to be very creative when it comes to lighting your set. By using a focusable light, you will be able to create more pronounced detail to each pattern. The ability to combine two patterns with the frame holder is a nice feature also. Also included is a clear pannel which would come in handy for logos and patterns of your own choice that can be reused over again on multiple shoots.

Every professional videographer knows the importance of lights and light kits. The ability to light your background with patterns is a tried and true way to spice up your interviews and have the polished, professional look and feel you are looking for. These Chimera Window patterns will help you in your quest to become more professional videographer for not a whole lot of time, effort or money.

Product Specifications

  • Window Size 22 X 22″
  • Panel Frame 48 x 48″ and 42″ x 42″
  • Six Patterns Included Or Create Your Own
  • 9 x 28″ Ballistic Cloth Duffle Bag Included

Price $474

Chimera Lighting

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