Canon Patented a 16-27mm Lens to Accompany Rumored Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Canon Rumors speculated last March that Canon is testing a full-frame mirrorless camera. That rumor is now solidifying after a Canon lens patent was recently published documenting plans for — you guessed it — full-frame mirrorless camera systems.

What we know so far

The Canon’s lens appeared as a Japanese patent application (2018-077320) and is listed as a 16-27mm f/2.8 model with a short back focus of 11.34mm, making it geared toward mirrorless cameras.

The lens is also said to be a constant-aperture f/2.8 ultra-wide-angle zoom lens, which points to a more professional market. Additionally, Canon is reportedly weighing the possibility of featuring EF mount for their upcoming mirrorless line, but it’s not definite at this point in time.

Drawing of Canon's patented lens
Drawing of Canon’s patented lens

Here’s everything else that Canon Watch reported about the specs for the lens:

Zoom ratio: 1.67
Focal length: 16.48 – 27.44mm
F number: 2.88
Half angle: 52.70 – 38.25
Image height: 21.64mm
Back focus: 12.33 – 10.00mm


There isn’t a suspected date for release, but it’s believed that Canon will be releasing its rumored full-frame mirrorless camera at the end of Q1 in 2019. So, it’s likely that if Canon is working this patented lens, it would make sense it would be released around that time as well.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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